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Fuji "Sundance Sparklers" Fruit Juice bike

Bike tags: Single speed | fruit juice | sundance sparkler
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Fuji unknown model, one sticker says "Hi Tensile 10-20" tubing



Araya Aluminum

Araya Aluminum

unknown BB, sugino DZF cranks

unknown, but saddle says "Viscount"


10 speed

This is the "girlfriend" of my Hi-C bike, for . . . the girlfriend.

the story is the same, bought from the same collector as the Hi-C, though this one has far better parts - dia-compe brakes, araya rims, sugino cranks . . . well really that's all that appears non-crappy.

this bike will possibly live it's life also as a single speed/fixed conversion once i get around to it, depending on what she wants to do with the bike, whether to keep it stock or move it to a ss wheelset with deep v's (like its boyfriend).

i fear even less information is available on the internet with regards to this bike, or the drink that was a very short-lived drink. any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated!

it weighs approx 28 pounds as shown

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Bikes were given away by radio stations

Was watching "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" and thought about the Sundance Juice Sparkler Fuji bike I have in my garage, so decided to see what I could find out about it. Back in the late 1980's (pretty sure it was 1988) Sundance was an advertiser on a local radio station (WMMR in Philadelphia, one of the classic rock stations) and they were giving away bikes to the nth caller, and I was lucky enough to win one. Decent bike for someone who does not ride much. For the city, the tires are much too skinny and the rims won't survive more than a few Philly potholes. I prefer a mountain bike, much more durable. Because I barely ride it, it still looks like it did when I picked it up.


I wasn't sure if I was the only person to have one of these little Fuji promo gems, but here's the proof. I came into posession of my Sparkler about a year ago thanks to a coworker who was trying to get rid of some junk in her storage space. I've ridden it hard and treated it as my "beater bike"; leaving it in the elements, throwing it about, etc. I marveled as its paint job transistioned from a cranberry red to dull pink over the course of 6 months. Despite my love/ hate relationship with it, my Fuji Juice Sparkler is a trusty bike that I enjoy crusing around on.

I think your Fuji is a

I think your Fuji is a 1986/1987 Pulsar w/white fork for the Sundance promo.

I had an '87 Pulsar, same color and the decals were identical in font and color.

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