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Learco Guerra 90ies Fixie

Bike tags: Single speed | fixie | Learco Guerra | single speed | ssp
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Learco Guerra, Columbus Max

Nitto NJS

I bought this frame cheap from italy and used old bits and parts to make it my daily beater/fixie. The frame is made from Columbus Max, shell and brake bridge are Cinelli, so its not complete crap.
Stem/Handlebar are Nitto track ones. Brakes are Shimano Dura Ace 1st Gen (rear) and 2nd gen (front).
The cog sits on an adapter that came with an ancient disc wheel and moves the cog out for about 1.5cm, so i get a good chainline even with the chainwheel mounted to the outer position.

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I've seen these track

I've seen these track adapters (I believe I saw them from Mavic). They have reverse threading for a lockring correct? What keeps the adapter from unthreading from the freewheel hub?



I've heard of this with

I've heard of this with suicide hubs. But OEM track adapters advise using loctite as the preferred method for attachment on their discs?

Not sure if it's what they

Not sure if it's what they say you should use, but it's what a lot of people use. The track adapters are mainly for chainline anyways. And if you locktite it on, it's not really going anywhere. My friend has one on his Aerosports disc and it works fine.

Fixie adapter

I don't have it secured any other way than with the ring visible on the pic, but then i don't counter, no need, have brakes :)

I don't wanna be a downer,

I don't wanna be a downer, but I can't imagine a max frame as a "beater". I guess that means its getting a lot of use, though, so its better than keeping it on a shelf. Play safe I guess? heh

i thought first gen was

i thought first gen was black....

both colors

1st gen Dura Ace was available in both black and matte silver... check velobase:
silver black

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