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s-works conversion

Bike tags: Fixed gear | specialized tarmac cane creek
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specialized s-works tarmac


s-works \ fsa

cane creek velo

cane creek velo

s-works \ huffy

specialized toupe Ti \ s-works

speedplay frog \ kmc bmx


yes I did convert it.12lbs.needs a kickstand & a areospoke

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why does the chainring look

why does the chainring look bigger than most 52's i've seen?

It is metric.

It is metric.

it would be fun to ride, but....

i guess you know this bike is ridiculous. you chopped those bars? and added a 650c? i'd like to see the new pics.

No,not really.I was just

No,not really.I was just messing with benhatton. I have this frame set built up as a proper road bike now. I was just waiting for parts.

specialized s-works tarmac

Kevin, You're a nut !!!


That cainring looks FAST!


verticle drop outs? the chain line looks great. howd u get it like that


the chainline and length just worked out the first time I tried it. just lucky. I would not recommend doing this, as I ripped the wheel out of the drop out by skip stopping. scaring the shit out of myself(thinking I broke the drop out)and almost crashing.


12 lbs.! Must be so fun to ride.

I can bunny hop it super

I can bunny hop it super high

I realize that this is a

I realize that this is a really controversial build. I also understand that this bike is infinitely retarted. But I love it so much, and it makes me chuckle. I've always wondered how gnarly it would be to convert a high-end road bike. 12 pounds. That's light.


yes! someone who gets it

infinitely retarded!!! yes...yes.

they werent built stiff enough

but thats just me.

***catfish*** kick stand and

***catfish*** kick stand and aerospoke fa sho lol yep fuck that aerospoke shit when the 27inch mags come out im rockin those till i wear them out lol mags if i bend those ill just throw it in the freezer

Dame Kevin!!! When did you

Dame Kevin!!! When did you get this bike? Nice Build

about a week ago.thanks

about a week ago.thanks

i find this wasteful and

i find this wasteful and offensive! And yet I want to ride it real bad. Damn you! Good job~~

yes,thank you

yes,thank you

holy big gear

holy big gear

it,s flat here.

it,s flat here.






please do get both so you can be more of an idiot

I chopped the bars & cut off

I chopped the bars & cut off the braze ons & deraileur hanger today.650 zipp disc up front.I can bar spin.weeeeeeeeee!

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