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☆ RUSH HOUR PRO TEAM FRAME 08 ☆         Featured Bike! on 12/7/2009

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Rush Hour Pro 57cm (08 Concept frame never produced)

Nitto B123AA gold, Dimension or FSA carbon, Nitto UI5GX gold

Raleigh carbon, Cane Creek

Paul Hub 32H-DT Swiss Comp-Deep V-Vittoria Rubino

Paul Hub 32H-DT Swiss Comp-Deep V-Vittoria Rubino

FSA Pro Carbon Track / Platinum ISIS

A well worn Brooks Pro, Nitto Jag gold

Gold MKS RX-1, Gold MKS cages, MKS Fit Alpha/Sport straps, Izumi Super Toughness

EAI 15T, Sugino 75 48T (17T shown in pix, the 15T brought the wheel all the way in)

It's a team frame given to riders sponsored by Raleigh. Different from the 07 Rush Hour Pro they changed the fork, headset, adjusted the tabs on the seat tube and added the monster down tube with the flared shape. It's a pearly-yellow (pics don't do it justice) and rides beautifully.

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2008 Raleigh Rush Hour Pro

I just bought one of these frames. Put together a few parts from what I had on hand and a few trips to Craigslist and LBS. I am just getting used to it. This was a NOS 2008 frame I found locally that had never been built up. It's a great bike. Responsive and handles beautifully. Fun to just look at too.

nice brooks...


Constructive comment


Just curious

How did you get your hands on this sexy beast? I saw one hanging on the wall of a LBS and was tolf quite firmly that it wasn't for sale.

broke (2) 07' RHP's and

broke (2) 07' RHP's and they sent me this.

Your old RHPs ???

seat post tube..? that is where my RHP cracked, so now i have a team bike too.. just picked it up today.. i like it..

Envy that frame. Still

Envy that frame.

Still haven't had any problems with the seat tube on my rhp by the way.


glad to hear that your RHP is running strong.

I love the the frame geometry!!

. . .but the color is fugggglyyy

It grows on you

It grows on you


hey I was wondering how tall you are, I might get this frame and its a 57cm let me know! thanks

I'm 6'0"

I'm 6'0"

thanks, does the frame have

thanks, does the frame have bigger or smaller feeling for you? i am about 5'8ish maybe a little taller...

It's pretty dead on for a 57cm

I would say go for a 55-56cm depending on your inseam.

Pull that rear tire in

You should really remove a link in your chain and get the rear tire closer to the cutout.

oh what

so it's more aero? so it looks better? you know that doesn't actually do anything right?

More than 5 bucks bets that

More than 5 bucks bets that he can't and the only way to get it closer is to change his gear ratio.

That is such a beautiful bike. Why are they stop production on the Pro??

...and I owe you more than 5 bucks...

Not sure why they stopped. I think they saw more return in selling the regular rush hour... just a hunch. I also know they had some problems with returns on the 07's due to some weaknesses in the seat tube. eh i dunno I got lucky with this though!

yeah it's in the works...

yeah it's in the works... pix are from the first ride out after swapping parts from the 07 Pro.

I saw that beauty in JONES BIKES

I seen IT at JONES

Oh that is so badass!!! I

Oh that is so badass!!! I love it!


I'm really diggin your prestige frame as well. How does she ride?


It rides amazing actually! I really wanted to get a rush hour pro as I loved the lines on it, can't find one big enough for me though.
As far as the prestige it rides so so nicely. It's really consistent and has almost no flex when charging. It's a wonderful ride. It'll be fun once I get a couple more things (like real pedals)


resembles my fuji pro. So are they not producing this model or just not yet?

They aren't making them at

They aren't making them at all anymore and I'm told this was the concept frame for the 08 but they stopped production in 07.

thats a shame because i like

thats a shame because i like the look of this bike alot more than a ftp or pista concept

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