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Reverse Cowgirl         Featured Bike! on 02/22/2010

Bike tags: Commuter | freak bike | tall_bike
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Girl's Schwinn American on top, Boy's Huffy on bottom

Steering Wheel Motherfucker

Huffy, Huffy, and Schwinn. Stem extension made from a stem, a Schwinn frame tube, and a seatpost clamp.

Cheesy mountain bike wheel

Cheesy cruiser wheel Shitmano coasterbrake

GT chainwheel, Schwinn

Bell sprung saddle, Seatpost machined from solid bar stock by me.

Cheap plastic, 1/2" KMC

4 x 19t . Steering wheel allows me to talk on my cell-phone and not signal when turning.

Frames are fillet-brazed together. Steering column is schedule 8 pipe with a cut-off Schwinn stem hammered inside of it and welded.

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I bought it at TAL*MART .

brilliant...did you make

brilliant...did you make this yourself?

Oh man

That is beautiful. Most tall bikes I've seen are pretty tacky since they only want height but man, those lines are fucking nice. Good job


heheheh...girl on boy. that hot!
makes me wanna build one!


how the hell do you get up there and pedaling and kick away the kickstand before yelling out timberrrrrrrrr??
sweet ride though ive always wanted to put a steering wheel on a bike

I love that thing!

Maybe it's the steering wheel. Maybe it's the black and white stripes that make me think a character from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" should be riding it. I'm not sure, but that bike is frickin' awesome.


looks like you have a derailer that works, thats awesome.
does it shift, or is it just for chain tension?

Tallbike derailleur

It is a 5 speed. The lever with the glass doorknob on it is the shifter.

Now just extend those front forks and your talkin'!

What happened to the stripes dude?

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