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2009 Leader 735TR.

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Commuter | 58cm | 735 | more tags >>
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2009 Leader 735TR

SOMA Velodrama Drops / Torelli Bormio (35 degree drop)

i806TR / FSA ZS3 Zerostack headset


Mavic Ellipse fixed/fixed

Sugino Messenger 170mm (soon Sugino75) / Sinz Ti JIS BB

Acuna Serfas / Carbon Bontrager Seatpost

MKS Sylvan / Izumi Model-V 'Super Toughness'

52/17 (81 inches) / 17t EAI Superstar Cog

HED3 Color

How did you get the HED3 colored in red i got the same one is there a website or something where i can get the decals for it but in red??

the felt frame is way better

the felt frame is way better

Is that the stock

Is that the stock seatpost?
Btw Nice bike! like the color combo

Your youtube video

I saw your youtube video. You are definitely not in comfortable riding position with that seat to drop combo. Get some risers, a different stem and lower your seatpost. It hurts my back just watching the video.

Nice bike though, I'm building a 735tr myself : )

Hola !.

Hola. Black gold is your bike, pure petroleum, impressive horse with Wheels. "Sweet dreams in the Road" ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz... Chao Amigo.




That's sure alot of money to be put into an ugly bike.


ugly? what the hell is wrong witchoo??



how do you ride with that

how do you ride with that seat to stem drop? especially on leaders which have porportionally longer top tubes!

i can't get enough

of this bike

love it

sooooooooo fucking hideous

sooooooooo fucking hideous

biggy ups

on the gearing

a leader?!?! fuckinggg uppp

a leader?!?! fuckinggg uppp

incorrect statement

incorrect statement


thats a sick ass bike! im thinking about getting one! how do you like it??

maybe i've been missing something

but spending so much money on a terrible frame makes no sense at all to me

I know a lot of guys who

I know a lot of guys who ride Leader and they like them just fine. I wish people wouldn't just jump on the bandwagon. Like someone told them Leaders weren't cool so now they're afraid to like them.


This very well may be the truest comment on here. "don't ride it too hard", that's fucking bollox man. I've ridden mine too hard for a year and it's fine. If you want your doucebag friends to think you're cool: go ahead and spend way too much on a hyped up Taiwanese made frameset with some Italian name on it. If you want a nice bike that doesn't cost the world yet enables you to ride circles around hating hipsters while they try to race you: a Leader is a very valid option.

I dont like to talk shit

but leader frames are not great. my friend literally broke his frame in half. be careful and dont ride it to hard. it does look good though...


You have great taste in color.....Nice Build, Very Stealthy!


dang.. cant wait for my hed 3...


Your bike is dope as hell.

Your bike is dope as hell. Is that the 55cm?


lemme guess you saw MASH and decided to make an Emi replica bike. I mean ure bike looks really similar. coincidence i dont think so. anyways sick bike. i like it.

wait? do you know your bikes?

emi was NOT rockin a leader in MASH. he was riding a 04 bianchi pista concept.



thats fuy u say that

like half ur comments have to do with mash
leme guess u saw mash and decided to get a fixie. coincidence.. I dont think so

No way

I know him, this dude isn't one of the MASH wannabes man, though he is probably just as fast.



ya i no

i not talking to the dude with the leader
im talking to brenden in sf


sweet bike broskiii


how does it ride? does it feel cheapy at all?l i kinda want one in white

Thats a

Pussy ass bike man.

fur shur3z man!

fur shur3z man!


nice fucking bike brah!

Spend money is what you do?

All that money on a bike that will never see the track(I hope I'm wrong)...

something tells me

you should have gotten a bigger frame.
is that a 1.5' gap between the drops and the seat?

First Word

That came to my head was DAMN!

tell me you take that thing to the track?

Sexiest black man alive.

Sexiest black man alive.

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