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Flaming Cannondale

Bike tags: Single speed | 56cm | blue white flames | cannondale | custom paint | more tags >>
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Cannondale R400 Circa 90's

Cinelli Bars, Stock Stem, Blue carbon styled tape (CETMA 3 rail Rack + KMart crystafile storage)

Cannondale Stock + Tange

Velocity Deep V Track White non machined + Blue 700 Continental Attack Force Tyres + Mr Tuffy Tyre Liners

Velocity Deep V Track White non machined + Blue 700 Continental Attack Force Tyres + Mr Tuffy Tyre Liners (flip flop not used)

155mm Bulletproof Track Cranks

Standard Cinelli and Cannondale Stock

Blue BMX alloy (Tawaiin Cheapies for now)

17t bmx freewheel rear + 16t fixed rear (unused) + 46t track front cog

My revitalisation of my old road bike. I originally wanted to run fixie + single, but the rear drop outs were heat treated aluminium, making it near impossible to alter. The guys at Cycle Underground in Sydney helped a hell of a lot, check em out if you get a chance... they know stuff.

Sydney Uber mechanics who can manufacture and fix anything you can imagine

All gears stripped off, paint stripped off, new speccy blue colour with arctic flames! Reassemble with new parts except stem, seat, brakes. I'll look at putting some bull horns on in the future.

I just added 2 more picks of my well wicked CETMA rack. Also with my perfect sized and robust crystafile holder form K-Mart... also double as an ESKY or chilly-bin for you kiwis... just in time for summer and beers.
CETMA racks purchased from Those free radicals at Cheeky Monkey Transport

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old dale

thats a sweet paint job, but watch those old tech rear drops. theyre not extended like that anymore for a reason. they tend to break...


Check out the bike I built for my son. 50t, 15t cog and a half link chain.

Fukk the haters!

I like it!

No way to find a magic

No way to find a magic chainwheel/cog combo that would keep you from needing the tensioner?

Cannondale frames are so gorgous. You did this one great justice!

dale love

Cheers champ. I've had a love of dales, my first was a good old Black lightning back in 92...
was awesome till a drunk driver ran me and my bike down.
Bike and I both ended up like a busted arse!

I was asking this guy nother dale, to post better shots of his dropouts, but I think by his 'glad to get rid of it' quote I'm guessing he didn't and ended up with horrid chain slack.

for cripes sake...

people have been braking on coated and painted rims for decades... it's not a big deal, and the paint wears off after just a bit of hard use anyways. nobody btches a about ceramic coated rims, and it isnt much different.

Indeed, I've done the same

Indeed, I've done the same before in the olden days when machining was more expensive. You just keep em clean till the paint comes off and they look the same as a machines.

but when they have a rim

but when they have a rim available with a braking surface for the same price and you can avoid ruining those rims, its just stupid.


why would you run brakes on non machined wheels, thats retarded

Simply because it was

Simply because it was originally intended to be a fixie conversion (as I mentioned in the comments) when I purchased the parts, (no brakes).
But having found out after I'd have to reheat the frame to adjust the dropouts would be too costly.

I'll be sure to get my retardation looked into as well.

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