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Alan Track

Bike tags: Track bike | italian | lugged aluminum | paul
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Alan track (badged Fanini)

3ttt drops, 3ttt stem (black and pantographed)

alan fork and campy record head set

Black Paul 32 hole laced to velocity aeroheads/hed3

Black Paul 32 hole laced to velocity aeroheads

Black Paul cranks and campy (record? veloce? we'll see) BB


Campy victory pedals


"Paul-Alan," my very own all-aluminum italian-american steed.

thanks to ceya and brad.

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Im pretty sure I own this bike.

Did you sell this bike on ebay to a guy in portland? if so i have bought it from him and now own it. a 59cm?

i have almost this identical

i have almost this identical frame- pantographed stem/3TTT drops and all! mine is an amore&vita team issue fanini/alan track with slightly different decals (font different for the "fanini" part + team decal on top tube). does anyone know anything about this frame or its history?
i bought it at a pawn shop for 0 but i know it is worth more, any ideas how much more?
i also recently picked up the 25mm campy record seatpost that fits it, AKA the smallest post ever made.

well, here I thought I was different!

sweet. cool to know there are others floating around. I managed to nab it cheap off ebay and know nothing about the frame, its provenance, or its real worth. haven't even ridden it yet, as I am waiting for the proper seatpost to show up. (damn you fedex!)

i should have pics of my

i should have pics of my fanini track up sometime soon.
i found some more info about this frame as well. turns out fanini is a small italian company that built (maybe still builds) custom frames for racing teams. my frame has an amore & vita team issue sticker on it which indicates that it was built specifically for the team. maybe our bikes were once on the same team!(?)
this means that there are probably very very few of these and that they are fairly rare/pricey.
i built it up and rode it but the toe overlap was too much for me to ride it for long. it is hanging on my wall right now... the geometry is amazingly tight and would absolutely rip on the track.
i will let you know as i learn more.

Nice one!

Is the aluminum bonded to the lugs like a Vitus or is it brazed/welded?

bonded and screwed, from

bonded and screwed, from what I've read.

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