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Hi-C Fruit Juice bike

Bike tags: Single speed | fruit juice | Hi-C
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Unknown cheap steel



Cheap Steel

Cheap Steel




10 speed

This is a picture of a early 80s Hi-C Fruit Juice promotional bike that I bought off of a collector. It has crappy shimano and changstar parts. I intend to hopefully strip this down and convert it into a "creamsicle" bike with white deep v's and a riser bar. i've never ridden a fixed gear, but i may possibly do fixed/free with two brakes. the headbadge makes me happy. if anyone knows anything about this bike, please let me know! i'm curious to see who else has seen something like this.

it weighs approx 29 pounds as shown stock. we'll see how much i can shave off in the conversion . . .

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According to this page, "SC"

According to this page, "SC" serial numbers indicate a Schwinn. Does that match yours? (I see you out there on the Internet, doing research!)

I do have a serial #

I do have a serial # starting with SC. In hoping that that page was correct, then I guess i do have a schwinn made frame. I do know the bottom bracket is british threaded, as i've now replaced the cups/cranks. other than that, still relative unknown about the rest. o well.

oh yes. and please dont

oh yes. and please dont strip off the hi-c decal.

i have all intentions of

i have all intentions of keeping the headbadge, but it's poorly secured by some double-stick foam/tape, so temporarily i've removed it until i find a way to securely fasten it, as i don't want some kid saying "oh cool" and try to jack it.

You could rivet it in, or

You could rivet it in, or thread a couple holes and put small stainless hex-heads in there.

The headbadge would go eventually if you lock it outdoors.

Unique bike! Hi-C is oleschool like Duplo

fuck yes!

fuck yes!


1985 fuji del rey the hi c bike

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