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Trek 600 series, 65cm, 1985, dressed up with older Campagnolo componetry.

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reynolds 531CS, 1985, 65cm c-t

cinelli giro d'italia 64-42, cinelli 1r 12cm

reynolds 531CS, campy NR

high flange 36 hole campy NR hubs, pre 1977 straight skewer handles, DT swiss butted spokes, mavic open pro

high flange 36 hole campy NR hubs, pre 1977 straight skewer handles, DT swiss butted spokes, mavic open pro

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brooks pro, campy NR, 2bolt, 27.2

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campy NR rear derailer, campy SR early 4 hole FD, shimano 600 freewheel, 6sp, 13-26, campy NR brakes w dia-compe pads,

This newly (Oct 08) acquired 1985 Trek 600 has turned out to be a wonderful bike. Walking the fine edge between race and comfort, it fits perfectly in my small hierarchy together with the solid Surly LHT and the lively Cinelli Centurion Equipe.

In October, after only a couple of short test rides, my Trek and I completed a century together in good time, feeling comfortable and fast at the same time. In fact this old steel bike, with DT shifters and 28mm tires outpaced 18 carbon jobs at the event.

It has a full Campy NR gruppo, but currently sports an equally fine Sugino crank due to mechanical issues. Originally, back in the day it was sold with the respectable Shimano 600 components. The tubing decal says 531, but supposedly that is only the 3 main tubes. Trek called the build 531CS, a semi-proprietary tube set with heavier quality steel in fork and rear triangle. CS stands for Custom Sport or Club Sport. It probably doesn't hurt to have such relatively burly tubing with the frame being 65cm and supporting a 185lbs rider.

There's scratches, blemishes and stubborn dirt in the lugs on this old Trek. The components are well used, with aftermarket parts here and there. Nothing real original, valuable or of outstanding interest about my bike, but it fits like a glove with a smooth ride. It climbs the hills like it should and hold its own among fancier brethren.

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Fantastic Build! Adding to the vintage TREK cluster.

Oh wow man!

absolutely stunning color combo, a real classic!


But, hey, don't call that crank "lowly." The Sugino Aero is actually one of the company's best cranks (IMHO), their answer to the Dura-Ace AX gruppo. Have one (stock) on my Schwinn Super Sport and love it. Has the Campy 144BCD, as I recall, nothing to sniff at. Anyway, great bike!


okay, you're right, it is growing on me, actually, and I changed the text a little


How tall are you? That bike is gigantic.


i'm 6'3", with a PBH of 93cm and set my saddle 82cm from center of
crank. i also ride a 62cm surly LHT, a 62cm cinelli of the same vintage as the trek, and occasionally a 60cm tange 1 frame of unknown origin. of them all the trek look and feel just a bit better than the rest.

A different approach

I'm 6'3 as well and try to ride bikes with smaller frames than this because I like the feel of the frames better. Seems when frames hit that 60 (sometimes 59) and up, they use thicker tubing and the bike loses a touch of the feel I crave. I've moved to slightly longer seat post /stem over the frame size just to resist the bulk. I like my legs with only slight bend at bottom stroke, perhaps a bit more on the track bike.

the garage saler?

the garage saler?

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