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Bicicleta de Burrito         Featured Bike! on 07/16/2010

Bike tags: burrito | freak bike | Recumbent
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3 Schwinns and one Stelber cruiser

Handlebar made from the front of a shopping cart, Wald


Schwinn approved France/BS wingnuts/Mavic

Schwinn approved France/Wolber

Schwinn Positron Front Freewheel System

Sprung, padded w/Mexican blanket

Schwinn block pedals, SRAM

Dual pull brake lever and twin cables to a centerpull brake.

5-speed with jockey shift

Burrito Bike - a long and low "Rat Rod" style bike. 72" wheelbase, 8'2" long. Jockey shift w/brass doorknob. It scrapes over speed bumps and down curb cuts, and the "cow catcher" cuts a nice swath...

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Love all the crazy touches... that shifter is gold : )

It's brass

It's brass

Burrito Bike

Nice job... If givin' the tools and tubing you could go nuts !!!

i'm working on it.

I'd love to build bikes "for real".

So cool!

So cool!


One of the best customs I've seen. What is the heck is that thing to the left of the seat ? Kickstand ? Kickstart ?

it's a shiftah, what else

it's a shiftah, what else would the derailleur be pulled with?

Bike with a clutch!

Thats awesome, really sticking with the theme and it takes the whole project to another level.

An Absolute

10! see my cluster 10's

i want one..

so crazy

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