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BT carbon fiber track bike         Featured Bike! on 03/9/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | australia | BT | campagnolo | more tags >>
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55cm 200? BT carbon fiber track- made in australia

soma steel track /

full carbon straight/ campagnolo

deep vuelta track

mavic carbon tubular disc

sugino 75 / campy

regal special/ campy

dura ace platform


rides like butter- super stiff ride- these are actually fairly heavy bikes even though they are carbon fiber- about 20 lb complete- built to be very rigid, no flex- the panther decal is under the clear coat- got frame from a pro rider who was using to train for the olympics---sold to belgium

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i really dig the clean lines

i really dig the clean lines on the drop outs. sweet ride


whats the deal man how do you have so many hella nice bikes

a sickness

well. thats what happens when you turn your hobby into a business. something like....
hobby+business+collecting addiction=sickness=lots of nice bikes


wow i am blown away dude damn i am in love with that zipp 2001


why hate on this bike? it looks dope and most importantly it's HIS bike and HE can put whatever HE wants to on it. if you don't like it don't look. thats the joy of free choice. i understand everyone has an opinion but if you're just gonna hate keep that opinion to yourself. there's a way you can go about commenting on someone's bike in a more polite manner. the haters on this site are getting old and i've only been on for a couple months.

anyways, it looks like a pretty sweet bike and i'm sure it ride quite well too. can't wait to see more pics when you get them.

no i don't wanna listen to your emo music.


And you can see that there's a tubulor tufo on it


Whoever wrote that the disc is cardboard is retarded, I sold him that disc and it's honeycomb, covered in carbon and you can even see where the old mavic stickers were.

Dustin is a FAG

I was at his shop and the freaking disc was cardboard, mavic carbon tubular disc my ass.....
NEVER buy bikes from dustin....

cardboard? that's funny

do you even know what a real disc wheel looks like? they are made of two sheets of carbon fiber, not cardboard . sorry, its not even possible to make a wheel with just cardboard. i have several disc wheels. early ones were made with fiberglass or even aluminum. then later they used carbon fiber. you don't have to buy bikes from me if you don't want to. why would you even be in my shop if you have a problem w/ me...... people that usually call people a fag or gay, are usually confused about their own sexual preference. he he

Expensive bike, too bad they

Expensive bike, too bad they are notorious for cracking: the carbon layup, bonding and internal are crap. which could be why you got it a a ripping deal.


ripping deal, how do you know what i paid for it. aerospace quaility carbon is not too shabby. if its good enough for the space shuttle , its good enough for me.

this frame is simply

this frame is simply ridiculous, but in a good way. How did you come to acquire such a piece?
Keep it fresh, Over and out!


a local pro rider put it on consignment at a local bike shop. price was too good to pass up. i hear they cost about 8000 new for the frameset only. same basic frame raced in the last olympics


its nice especially with the tri. but i think itd look even sicker with a painted back dish something blue or white


benhatton is a pain in the ass

sooo sick! but what stem is

sooo sick! but what stem is that?


hey dusty

hey its me, the kid with the motobecane, you need to upgrade your photos, im sure you wouldnt have any haters once you get the pictures of that thing with the zipp on it, or at least your sick white seat.

because its got old cranks

because its got old cranks and seatpost and heavy ass deepV's on an expensive frame and looks like a complete waste of the frame

kudos to whoever rides it on the track

this one obviously is not, or if it is....thats depressing


want me to spell it out?

want me to spell it out?


get a life.... or at least post your own bike on this site....or does got old cranks and well? huh


I dont ride bicycles.

my old account benH though, he rode bicycles. maybe you can find one there.

ben hatton....

To Ben Hatton...You know top level racers that actually ride track bikes in a velodrome use this frame quite often, like someone by the name of Theo Bos, a multi-time world champion. Why hate??? really come on, be mature

theo bos rides koga

theo bos rides koga

because its got old busted

because its got old cranks and seatpost and heavy ass deepV's on an expensive frame and looks like a complete waste of the frame

kudos to whoever rides it on the track

this one obviously is not, or if it is....thats depressing

very artistic frame

very artistic frame something we might see in an art collection!


ive seen some retarded shit but this takes the cake. all you need are hed3's now


ive seen some retarded haters but this takes the cake. all you need now are some hate3's now

oh no

Don't tell me you rode it on the street.


you dare me to? .........i plan on using on a track - carson or maybe san diego to start.

I probably would/I do things

I probably would/I do things I shouldn't do. Do it! Its just that...what you've got there is hardly a track set up, is it? You have a different wheelset & pedal setup for track, or what?

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