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Lawn Mower Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Lawn Mower
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Hahahaha you know you want one

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Man I could really use that

Man I could really use that for some ride time when Satan won't let me out of the house for a ride.

Yeah I'd get one but,

where will all the ladies that this thing would attract sit? Two seater perhaps?

its missin a rear aerospoke lololol


The beer farts

produced trying to pedal this thing around far exceed any environmental carbon footprint savings.

I might actually want to mow

I might actually want to mow my lawn if I owned one of these.

Everyone might enjoy this:


That's a good one you got there...! i know what do i know what do with that unused mower and junk bikes ive been collecting behind the house...

one question:

does it come in pursuit?


ill give you a beer to mow my lawn!

Just image a track and field event...

...with ten of these little'm'babies chewing their way along a 100m strip of paddock!!! lol

Oh yes! I want one...

...that's absolutely gold! A true classic, great for the environment, great for your fitness, gold for the soul (O: Crank It Up!!!


did you try it and does it work

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