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Skeeter's Pursuit Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike
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Custom Cannondale Pursuit

Chopped and Flipped Road Bars and 3TT Stem

650 Lugged Cannondale Fork with Campagnolo C-Record Pista Headset

650c HED3

700c HED Disc

Fsa Vigorelli Cranks and Isis BB

Concor Supercorsa Saddle and Campagnolo Areo Seat Post

BMX Platform Pedals and 1/8 Izumi Chain


Check out Skeeter's sick giro helemt.

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he would definitely be

he would definitely be running a freewheel and a coaster brake.

bangin on a trash can...

strummin on a street light!

searching 4 the episode

I am trying to find the episode...can somebody help me ?

its the one where doug needs

its the one where doug needs to get a hair cut, but his usual is out of business or something.


Doug S1E08A Doug Gets His Ears Lowered


skeeter's such a baller


foot plant. career suicide.


so cool!!!!


looks almost like this sort of thing...maybe a prototype model?

Selle italia appogio lombare

He's got a sweet tt helmet.

He's got a sweet tt helmet.


this is possibly the coolest thing on velospace!

He definitely

has a Look ergo stem. :)


could be a custom pursuit bar as well (one piece bar stem combo)

Hmm... By the year this show

Hmm... By the year this show came out and the colors of the disc, I'd say he's running a Zipp 950 in the rear and a custom 650 or 26" Zipp Eliminator, both of which came in Fiesta Pink.

He might have also custom painted a Mavic trispoke.

Very curious indeed.

Oh shit, this was the cool

Oh shit, this was the cool show when I was like 12. Dank ass bike.

best bike on here

the gearing looks more like 49/12 and those vigorellies need a isis BB
but besides that sickest bike ever

fo sho

fo sho

haha so funny

more like 5/52

skeeter has white legs? o_O

The best part is that when

The best part is that when he pulls up, you can hear a freewheel clicking, I think.

Also, brakeless with platforms.

fine ill change it then

fine ill change it then

judging from the dropouts

judging from the dropouts its a custom cannondale

Fine ill change it then

Fine ill change it then

not campa cranks

uhh,dude.i think he's running fsa vigorelli cranks not camppagnolo.tsss!;)

Fine ill change it then

Fine ill change it then


nicktoons new whats up!


DUDE! i think i remember that episode man

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