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KHS pursuit

Bike tags: Track bike | aero track | khs | pursuit | San Francisco
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KHS Aero Track

Easton, Nitto Jag


my bike

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Sell it to me.


what type of seat is that?

i will trade you my soccer

i will trade you my soccer mom minivan for this bike haha

hockey mom

i'd do it for a sexy hockey mom

Bullhorns, for fucks sake

Bullhorns, for fucks sake put bullhorns on this thing. IE Syntace Stratos. A bigger Chainring (run liek a 52:18 unless you like having 80+ Gear inches, hella nice).

I'm just a very anti Pursuit+risers guy. Nice acquisition though.

i second the bullhorns.

i second the bullhorns. they are proper attire for that khs. it looks like your gear ratio is somewhere along the lines of 42x17? not bad if you live in a hilly area. i ride 40x16 and they call where i like "the hill city" so you get the idea. although i am assuming you are riding this in the city. if you are on the track dont listen to me.

sweet ride man. when it gets uncomfortable sell it to me.

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