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Neon Pink Shorter Timetrial,

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Dave russel, repainted by Shorter in NEON PINK!

Nitto B201, Nitto Pearl, pink oury grips

Shimano 600

Aerospoke in white

Aerospoke in NEON PINK!

Dura ace (njs) 165mm with Campagnolo bb

Selle rolls, in NEON PINK!! seatpost is sugino mighty (njs)

Mks and halflink chain.


"Low Profile" Time Trial Frame
Built by Dave in 1986.
Unique design with the rear brake fitted under the bottom bracket.
Later it was resprayed flourescent pink in "team colours" and badged by Shorter,
but the last photo shows the bike in its original livery before the previous owner painted it neon pink, and relabeled it.

I Bought only the frame , already repainted from a guy in the uk, and i have plans to build it up with gears in the next summer.

White and Neon pink aerospoke, a rear brake with gold finger brake lever.

Rides very solid, and fast.


Tubing is Reynolds 753R, Bottom bracket is Supervitus, stamped with "1686"

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That bike would be so much better

If you had kept the gears on it.

sexy bike

man thats hot! the original looked good as well but the pink gives it a whole new look! well done!


love this bike- hot pink is bitchin - like the hidden rear brake also- we'll have to swap hot pink bikes for a day and see if anyone notices


This bike is really cool!

Dave russel was a frame

Dave russel was a frame genius. RIP DAVE


campy BB = ISO taper, Dura Ace = JIS taper.

loose the areospokes, give

loose the areospokes, give this frame a good wheel set, not trendy crap.

Oh ya, PUT THE GEARS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!


shame on you.

Holier than thou.

I see that people hate to hate for whatever reason that it is. No worries!

Ride that bicycle, as I would do with a smile on my face!

when the standing still subsides, the moving will resides.
each covert compassion yields to its known spectacle.

Bike is Badass

who cares if anyone hates the pink. this bike is still badass. way nicer most peoples bikes, and the pink just stands out, really how many people have neon pink bikes.
Props to you, i wouldn't mind rollin around on that beauty!

I think thats its a tribute

I think thats its a tribute to my dad that this frame is still being ridden and is giving enjoyment to the guy that rides it. i hope that you have many more years riding and enjoying this frame no matter what colour or whatever transfers are on it. i have to say my dad built me a bike years ago and i approve of the colour as thats the colour i choose

Pink wouldn't have been my choice but...

.. you're not the guy who painted it this color anyway! You just saw a cool frame for what it is no matter what color it's wearing and put it back on the road. I'd have bought it,built it up as-is,and have fun riding it just like you did. Nice job.

It's better to be hated than

It's better to be hated than ignored! Good job, it's catching.

I know this frame was

I know this frame was painted pink and ruined and all, but why go put on aerospokes with the pink rolls?? Are you those people who buy many bikes just to show off how "cool" their bikes look but don't ride? You could've at least given it some decency

Pink hub and baby blue rim

Pink riser, pink hub and baby blue rim on your Affinity, Toaster Cake. Hm... Are you those people who buy many bikes just to show off how "cool" their bikes look but don't ride?

the parts on my bike were

the parts on my bike were from previous builds. that blue wheel replaced my rear wheel that was stolen from me. the shop only had a blue in stock so i went with it. of course i ride my bike, but sometime i like to show off my awesome color scheme. got any more questions

Not really. Or wait, one

Not really. Or wait, one more. What gives you the right to "hate" on someones build when your own bike is playing in the same league?

Chill down guys, why all the

Chill down guys, why all the insults? I like the bike very much (Yes Pink) and as Deus wrote, he did NOT paint it pink and he can convert it back to an original TT bike any day so what is then the problem?

can i buy this off you

and return it to its previous state? seriously how much? who in the uk had this painted pink and rebadged with shorter decals? tell me where they live and i will go and have words. peace.

the awful nature of this

the awful nature of this bike has so much more to it than the new paintjob

dont you guys read,??? I got

dont you guys read,???

I got the frame from a guy in the Uk 2 months ago, already repainted, and relabeled.

He sent me a pic of the original paintjob and build up back in the 1986 when the bike were built. but the bike were taken apart, painted pink and not ridden after 1999.

If you dont like it, pls keep your attitude and hater comments to youself.

this is a nice looking ride.

just never tell anyone you (or whoever painted this thing) ruined a beautiful one of a kind bike.
it is a nice ride, just kind of twisted to put an original pic up too.



bike is so tarck and ugly
u ruined that beaty
it is so bad it shold be on the fail blog

i was only gonna say that i

i was only gonna say that i liked it better before...

but after reading everyone else's comments... you distroyed that thing..

haters will hate. this is a

haters will hate.
this is a dope bike man!

Dope is the operative word

Yes, we 'haters' have sense enough not to trash fine, low-production, vintage bikes.


was a really cool bike... now just a nasty mess

this might be the worst bike

this might be the worst bike ever

God, what a shame.

God, what a shame.





me like

i hate what you did to this

i hate what you did to this bike. you've destroyed an amazing bike just to "tarck" it out. why not by an affinity and do that? something with less history and quality.


hey fuck you don't be macin on affinities.

dude... seriously. "fuck

dude... seriously. "fuck you"? come on. don't get me wrong, i like affinities, but i think it would be a much more fitting frame to tarck out. yeah affinities are nice, but they're just the same as any other steel tig-welded track frame. cro-mo steel, but with different geo. calm down man, getting mad at me for comparing an affinity to a 20-30 year old lugged pursuit frame is pretty dumb.

You're nuts man!

You're nuts man!


those hidden brakes are the shit

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