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Nishiki Conversion

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Nishiki 63cm (lugged steel)

Nitto B123 (NJS) / Shimano Custom


shimano / araya (gold)

formula / mavic

sugino RD (48) / Sugino

Turbo / stock

MKS sylvan / Izumi gold (1/8) Going on soon

48 over 15

If you think you can keep pace and ride with bike gang hit us up!

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Dude, are you a friggin' Chinese disident or a Chilean miner, I realize you missed the romantic 60's but the look is the epitome of Douche, plus it a Nishiki conversion.
Come back with attitude when you bring something worthy to the table. Its a BIKE venue. plus you need to fix your picture desrcriptions

Nice bike but you look

Nice bike but you look ridiculous

really love the bike but emo

really love the bike
but emo shot on velospace always = fail


'this guy's cool' - my girl's words. i think she was being sarcastic.

jokes aside, i like the bike as well.

Posted By: SkidMark
Hot Rods don't have four doors, and when they burn out the rear tires smoke, not the f*cking front tires.

Kids these days.


a job well done. are you really running tubs on the front?

Nice bandana. Do you have

Nice bandana. Do you have Avian Bird Flu?

Is that picture taken on top

Is that picture taken on top of parking garage ten at UCSB because if it is that place is sick, i used to ride there all the time.


Awsome job bro, that things sick.

sick bike.

sick bike.

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