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Bridgestone Anchor         Featured Bike! on 01/15/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Road bike | anchor | more tags >>
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Bridgestone Anchor carbon track

Nitto Track bar and stem

Bridgestone carbon / Tange sealed

Zipp 808 track

Zipp 900 track

Sugino Grand Mighty NJS / Sugino 75 Superlap

Nitto Jaguar post / Kashimax NJS saddle

Izumi Model V

Miche Track Cog Carrier / 16th

Bike is now complete, turned out awesome...

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My Dream Bike...;)

i agree

w other posts. i really hope that only sees the track and not the streets.
your bike is a beast.

time for a comete/io

time for a comete/io wheelset


I actually sat here and said "oh shiit"
Is this for realz? This is fucking awesome!


everything looks nice, but the seat post and saddle look out of placed in compairison to the rest of the bike

Bridgestone Anchor

Wow !!!! This thing looks fast.... didn't I see you pass by the AM/PM ?

god on wheels.

This thing is amazing.

Please tell me that it is only used on the track.


im not the only one here with an erection am i?


Turned out awsome indeed

Oh my God! The Keo-GrandMighty-Zen combo is HOT! And the frame.. im speechless! :D

and the wheels...

and the wheels...


repost :(

Racy. Real nice, looks like

Racy. Real nice, looks like orange sherbet!

This bike is God.

This bike is God.

i wonder

what that thing sounds like as it goes flying past you. intense.....

finally! i've been waiting

finally! i've been waiting for this build. AWESOME!!!

I highly agree!!!


Too rich for my blood...

It'll be well over 7K when it's done. I hope this guy is fast!

..........its only as fast

..........its only as fast as you can pedal it, but with those nitto components it will make it faster!!!!! :-)

If he is not fast,

at least he will ride in style, thats for sure!!!

That's exactly

what I was thinking.

no streets please..

no streets please..


I love it!!!

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