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cannondale capo

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | cannondale capo stockton flatblack
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cannondale capo 54cm

deda pista/ritchey wcs

premium full carbon/ fsa

cane creek volo


fsa carbon/fsa platinum pro track

flight Ti/ ritchey wcs

speedplay frog/ sram

50x17 surley

Sup Kevin! It's Marc. If you

Sup Kevin! It's Marc. If you ended up losing my number you can reach me here. Let me know when youre tired of your hed3 :)


Kevin, you did it again !!! You're a badass !!!


This is probably my favorite track bike of all time...

I love those premium forks.

I love those premium forks. I finally tracked one down for my six13

fork question...

was the aftermarket fork an easy upgrade? was it a straight up drop-in replacement? looking to ebay get a new fork my capo...

yea it was easy

just be careful putting the crown race on and make sure you use a star nut made for a carbon steer tube.

Pedal to da....carbon?

Nice setup, far cry from the stock version. How do you like that fork?

hey clawhammer the fork

hey clawhammer
the fork berry berry good fork to meeee

hey would u say this is the

hey would u say this is the same as those 90's cannondale frame


I asked a cannondale rep and he said that they are the same but I think he is full of crap I mean, just look at them. the 90's tracks look like the geometry is more aggressive.I checked it out and the 90's tracks had a 75 deg. head angle and the 52-58cm capo has a 73 deg. head angle with a 75 deg. seat tube angle.I'm not positive of the seat tube angle of the 90's track but I would guess it's 75 deg.

thanxs tat helps alot

thanxs tat helps alot

oh yeah

fuckin' sick bike. 15lbs is killer!

lighter now

the bars were about 60$ and the dia. is 31.7 they work great, stiff enough and light, I have no complaints.With my new wheelset and a few other upgraded parts the bike now is 13.6lbs.


how much were those bars, and whats the clamp size?


I'm thinking of building a Capo myself and i'm wondering how old and where you picked up the FSA Carbon Pro's in a Compact Format (110mm BCD).


fck FSA!

Don't bother with those cranks the spider keeps coming loose and I have tried to email FSA many times to ask them how to fix this with no response back. I never expected them to replace the crank(I realize it's a road crank) but a reply and some helpful advice would have been nice.My friend has the FSA track pro and it does the same thing.get a proper track crank (144)you will have a lot more chainring choices.oh yeh they are about two years old and I got them from Mike's bikes in Sacramento Ca. for 200.

Weird, I've had my FSA

Weird, I've had my FSA Vigorelli cranks (on the Spicer) for over two years now with no problems. What do you mean the spider comes loose? Do the chainring bolts come loose? If so, thats not FSA's issue, you need to get a proper chainring bolt wrench.

I have never tried the

I have never tried the vigorelli but it does have different style spider.Is the spider on the vigorelli held on with a lock ring or part of the crank arm? It is definitely not the chainring bolts it is the the corbon spider and lock ring that is the problem.


yes the vigorelli has a lockring on the otherside of the spider. Lots of people have had issues with these FSA cranksets. I have none with mine but I'm a 170lb. high cadence spinner rather than a masher so I don't ask for much out of it!

use lock tight, but get the

use lock tight, but get the right kind.

thanks for the info. I think

thanks for the info. I think I'm done with these cranks its time to get a real track crank.

Looks fast!

Looks fast!


i tried flat white on my Fuji and it doesnt look so great, maybe ill try flat black next. did you use a clear coat? if so, what kind?

Love the flat black

very cool ride....there's just something about a flat black bike...well, you know...

Capo up

I can get excited about the flat black thing Cannondale is doing. Isn't it fast?

How does that bike ride? I like the road geometry; might make a good first fixie for this roadie.

No Road Geometry...

The Capo is just like the original Cannondale Track, it has track geometry.



the fork ...

... looks strange ... did you hit something with this bike?

My fork ?

fuck you bitch your mama's fork looks strange!!(HA) farts&boogers

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