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Orlowski custom         Featured Bike! on 10/12/2012

Bike tags: Track bike | fixed gear | lugged steel | Orlowski
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custom made by Jacek Orlowski, columbus steel

Bontrager riser bars, SR Royal stem

Campagnolo Record

Gipiemme Tecno 716 Pro

Miche hub, Rigida Nova rim

Stronglight Track, Stronglight JP400

Brooks Professional, Shimano Dura-Ace

Time ATAC Alium, Wipperman 1G8


destroyed after gettin hit head-on by a volvo...

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Thats What you get for riding no brakes, stupid.

orlowski vs volvo

volvo is stronger

nicest bike on here

nicest bike on here. Why.

Not the nicest bike on

Not the nicest bike on here.
but still a shame

hi hater

hi hater

What about my comment makes

What about my comment makes me a hater?

what doesnt kill you makes

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, hope you were able to salvage some parts, great pics btw

You are a horrible person

You are a horrible person for ruining such a beautiful piece of art. :)

I hope you weren't too banged up by the volvo.

I bet that thing rode like a dream.


sorry to see that,
but apart from the frame everything else looks fine,, was that the case?


how is that bike not falling over


yeah wtf!

Gettin hit

by a Volvo is another way to stop without brakes!

photo was taken in Krakow,

photo was taken in Krakow, Poland;

the fender is Zefal Swan

is this picture taken in

is this picture taken in Budapest? love the bike, btw.


What kind of fender is that? In terms of design, that's exactly what I've been looking for lately.

Amazing bike! I hope you

Amazing bike! I hope you weren't hurt in the crash.

Hooboy :(

Hooboy :(

Rest in peace.

Rest in peace.

:( this bike is way pretty.

:( this bike is way pretty.

I was about to explode with enthusiasm and then I saw this!

What happened here made me cringe; my I offer my condolences for your loss.



I swear, those

I swear, those fuckin' volvos. Sorry about your loss.

i know

it's always volvo's or ford explorers that cut me off or lane change on top of me... what the hell! i'm sad to see this pretty bike destoryed.

I love this bike.

I do. Also, I want to buy your Brooks Saddle. Care to sell it?

Wanna buy the gold fillings out of a corpse too?

Jeesh, let the guy grieve a little.....

Perfect Analogy

"Wanna buy the gold fillings out of a corpse too?"

Rest in Peace

the day this bike died was a sad day

The first picture...

Makes me happy and want to dance with flying hearts.

The second picture makes me want to kill.


I hate cars


there are a couple of ways:

you gotta have a helper to hold the bike while you take the photo. Just before you push the button he let's the bike, it will stand on its on for a second. Or as I did: hold it by the wheel, take photo and just photoshop the holding hand.

very nice. rip.

very nice. rip.

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