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Tall Boy (66cm!!!!) FUJI Royale

Bike tags: Road bike | tall big Fuji Royale blue
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66cm Crome moly 441 tubing

A good find on CraigsList for 25.00, downside is that the seatpost appears to be frozen/stuck, currently at my LBS to try to get it loose (keeping fingers X'd).
Other than that, this thing is HUGE!! It feels like I'm riding a Belgian work horse when I get on it. I'm 6'3" so I can manage, but standover is pretty darn close to being a gibblet crusher.

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Fuji 27" frame

I want to buy one. Any help out there?

U Still want one?

I realize this is over a year old, but I just saw it. Are you still looking for a 27" Royale? I have 2.


Still old - I have one shown

Still old - I have one shown here


tall boy is a understatement more worlds tallest man...boy, don't quite work but you get what i'm sayin' haha

Fuji 27" frame

For Sale?

just like mine

i have that same exact bike in a 63cm


thing has to be taller than 66. I had a 62 once, and shit didnt even come close. did you measure it yourself?

Fuji Tall Boy

The frame is actually 27" C to C, that's 68.5cm. I (still) have 2 of them that I purchased new in 1981 and '82. The '81 is a Royale, and the '82 is a Royale II, which I purchased after being rear-ended on the original. I subsequently had that frame rebuilt, replacing the entire rear triangle. I went to a 25" Colnago in '84, then 63cm Cannondale in '86. I've been on the 'Dales ever since.

Im 6-4 and i ride a 64 cm with a standover of about 34

my inseam is about a 35 so sometimes when i hop off my boys get real nervous. great pickup for 25.00 though cant deny that shit


Jesus Christ that thing is

Jesus Christ that thing is HUGE I didn't think anyone made anything over 62cm.

Good friend of mine has a Fuji tallbike made of two Fujis welded on top of each other.

tall boy

hey kwekeljo,i know it's october but i just read your story and actually just joined the website tonight.i was looking for some info on the fuji i just bought today at a yard sale and came across your story.this thing is the tallest touring bike i've ever's just like yours but is black.have'nt had a chance to ride it yet,probably try it out's in excellent condition, just needs a good bath.i was into bikes when i was younger,rebuilding,trading parts with neighbor kids and just having a good time with it.then of course you get into cars and motorcycles but i've always liked bicycles.i figure i'll slow back down and enjoy all the scenery i missed going too fast on my motorcycle and in my car.i know what you mean about the nutcrusher position, i'm just under 6 ft. but i'm still gonna give her hell.

holy shit tats a tall bike

holy shit tats a tall bike

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