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Le Banana "ooh la la"

Bike tags: Track bike | dirty | french | yellow
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French track bike from the 70's -Urago-

No name steel handlebars / Belri french stem

Stock Forks / no name headset ?

Temporary road wheel (super champion rigida ? campy road hub)

Wolber clincher/Exceltoo Track hub

170 Campy Strada/Phil Wood BB

Avocet rs / Campy chorus aero

Mks track/ kmc

51/15t blk cloth bar tape continental gators . And of course, french thread .

My first real track bike. Hopefully It sees the San Jose velodrome sometime in my posession . I bought this bike from Faber's Cyclery in San Hoe . It's so fun to find the right parts for this bike . Oh man it's ridiculously fun .

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That's very nice. Where'd

That's very nice. Where'd you get it?

I would like to put one on my door one day as well.

It's good to see this bike

It's good to see this bike in nearly its original condition, I had one just like this, but before I bought it the previous owner stripped its paint off. Take good care of that thing, there aren't many left!

Nice build dude. I just

Nice build dude. I just bought this same frame (in red) off a guy for 50 bucks.

Vintage Urago

I currently have one of these in my garage. I picked it up at a resale shop in Colorado. It has a little rust, but looks very nice. Were these originally fixed gears?? I bought it because it was a fixie and the saddle was worth more than I paid. Not sure where to go with it though??? Keep it, refurbish it, etc. or sell it. If I repaint, can I get new decals? Nice to see one in great shape.

this bicycle is purely...

fucking awesome!

"Nice" bike!

my current project is a Urago. I am having trouble getting that Pivo stem off though. I don't know if it is locked up or if I am just doing something wrong but I can't free it from the headset.
Just as a background for my bike, what is the serial number on yours? I am trying to figure out if it mine was one of the handmade or one of the cheap massed line. I am guessing the latter.

french bikes are crazy. it

french bikes are crazy. it took me forever to get my pivo stem out too. french bikes require a little bit of work. HA

LoVE your 80s Babe Poster

You tell me where you got that sick poster.

Re:80's poster

It was from a friend of mine that I use to live with .
He was moving and so I got it . The woman's name is
Lydia Cornell and it's from the 80's tv show called
"To Close for Comfort" .

That poster!

I can't believe your friend has that poster of me in the Cosmic Cow sweathshirt up on the wall. How bizarre! I never knew they even sold these. My friend was looking for one. Are you guys still around? This photo was from 2006.

Love the bike.
Luv xo


omg!!!! that's awesome!!!!!! lydia cornell contacted me, imagine that. funny that i live in san francisco too at the moment.

sorry to say i don't have the poster anymore lydia. i wish i did though. i'm too unorganized. :(


beautiful mess

nice badge (pun not completely intentional). stronglight headset?

Headset ?

mmmmm, not sure what kind of headset it is . but it does have some locking pattern on it . it's like up and down zig zag if that helps .

maybe, maybe not

sounds like you are describing the stronglight competition headset. but if it doesn't say "stronglight" it's probably a knockoff. the bike is still a total find.


i almost bought this bike once from fabers...

Do you know anything about

Do you know anything about the history of the frame/shop? Never heard of Jrago

Urago info

Urago is bike company that came out of Nice, France .
Not the most known bike company but they made Nice bikes
literally . Ok, enough of that . Not that much info on
the web for Uragos.

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