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Chou's Flite 100

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2008 KHS Flite 100 57cm

Risers in track grips on a GT 90mm MTB Stem

KHS Flat Crown CrMo, Cane Creek S2

Miche Pistard 28H High Flange/Miche Pistard Rim/Conti Ultra Sport

Miche Pistard 32H High Flange Single Sided Fixed/ Miche Pistard Rim/Conti Ultra Sport

Sugino Messenger 165, Sugino CBB-103

Bianchi Saddle, Thomson Elite 26.8

Crank Bros. Eggbeaters, SRAM PC-1

44x15 DA, REload TT pad

Here's the daily driver... no brakes!! Seen mashin' round lower NYC reppin Gotham Bikes on West Broadway. LIVE IT/LOVE IT.

Parted and Sold on 11/4/2008.

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Regarding your cranks.

I know you already sold the bike, but I had a question about your Sugino Messenger Cranks. I just got a Flite and I'm thinking about getting the same cranks. However, I've heard some things about the crankset being noisey or inconvenient to get parts for. What's your personal take on it? Your response is greatly appreciated.

This bike of yours greatly influenced me getting a Flite.

anyway again great lookin

anyway again great lookin bike, you gonna ride it in the upcoming snow?
and those are awesome wheels.

The Flite 100 is up for

The Flite 100 is up for grabs actually - let me know if you're interested. Got an order in for an '09 Pista Concept Frameset so I gotta make room for that one (even though it's not coming til january or february probably). Otherwise it'll be the rough weather bike, got some SKS race blades for it just in case. Cheers

The geometry?

I like the bike, i just was wondering how you figure the geometry is tighter than the Bianchi Pista? no disrespect but if you compare the angles (in the 57cm frame that you have) the pista has tighter geometry by .5 degree.

anyhow i doubt a difference could be felt but for the price i think the flite 100 is a steal.

re: KHS tighter geo than Pista?

Yeah, now that you mention it the numbers would contradict my evaluation, but I'll still say the frame clearance for the wheels on the Flite 100 is waaay tighter than the Pista - on the Pista I can barspin a 700c wheel with no issue, whereas this is not the case with the Flite. I feel like the Flite puts my center of gravity forward a little bit, closer to the front and feels a bit twitchier is all, either the BB is forward or the front wheel back more, or it could just be me getting used to track drops again after a summer of chopped risers. What do you think? Before the Pista I was on a EAI Brassknuckle so anything is gonna feel tighter than that...

Anyway, the Flite 100 was a CL gem, frame only, so I jumped at the chance to build from scratch and am lovin riding it.

I should have checked this sooner sorry.

Sounds like you have been lucky to be able to try a bunch of different frames. and you like the flite the best? I hope so i like mine.

I would say that the exactly what you said is true. The clearances on the KHS Flite 100/Mercier Kilo TT look soooo much tighter than most other frames (pista, Bareknuckle, Madison ect.). In comparison to everything that is reasonably priced I think the frameset is the best bargain all around.

about the only thing that seems to have those tight visual clearances that isn't a custom frame or NJS kerin bike is a frameset from 385 for a unpainted frameset.

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