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1977 Schwinn Volare - pearlescent orange

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1977 Schwinn Volare

Nitto Model 177 "Noodle" bar, with a Salsa Stem

Schwinn 531 fork with an original Shimano Dura-ace headset

White Industries Eno Road Hub. Salsa Delgado Cross 700c x22.5mm rim. Panracer Stradius Sport 700 x 26c tire

White Industries Eno Eric's Eccentric Hub. Salsa Delgado Cross 700c x22.5mm rim. Panracer Stradius Sport 700 x 26c tire

Sugino Crank. Shimano Dura-ace bottom bracket

WTB Seat. Sals Seat post

MKS pedals

Salsa 130mm x 38t, shimano 15t

Built to perfection by "Hurl" at cars-r-coffins, Minneapolis, MN:

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Seeing this bike makes me

Seeing this bike makes me sad whenever I think of the stuff the company makes these days.

Hey Brother Bike !!!

Looks like you lost some weight, but those lugs are money and the paint can't be beat. That headset of ours is just amazing. I wish they still made frames like this (that don't cost a bazillion dollars).

What a Beauty

I'm working on my '77 Schwinn Chrome Super Le Tour. I only hope that it comes out looking half as good as yours. Congrats on a very nice ride.


Sweet Lord, the color of that frame is amazing!!! lucky.

I'm jealous...

I love the bike... the frame looks great. If you want to run it fixed/SS, run it fixed/SS and enjoy. :)

No Fixie!

Don't waste an awesome frame like that on a fixie! Bring it back to original, it'll be sooo much sweeter. I'm jealous... :>(

I ordered the eno hubs for

I ordered the eno hubs for it this weekend - its going to rock as a fixie!

I can alway convert it to original if I get tired of the fixed gear.

Terence Brashear

Uhh...all you need for a

Uhh...all you need for a single speed is a chain tensioner, like the Surly Singleator. And a bike from the '70s with vertical dropouts? Weird...


Uhh...I am aware of the singleator....and uhh... I like the clean of derailers and singleator type devices. (Surly has some great parts and even cooler bikes don't get me wrong!) Just my opinion
and a suggestion. Yeesh! I think I'll go and break some more rocks with a hammer...Uhh...Uhh. Anyway have fun with your bike Dude... its a beauty!

he's right, vertical drops,

he's right, vertical drops, best way is the eno hubs...that frame is sweet,sweet..eno's are expensive but if you look around ebay can get them cheaper..

Dropout problems!

Your aware that you have vertical dropouts? which makes a single speed
a little more difficult. I have the same problem. I am saving up for a conversion myself. the ENO excentric hub will solve this problem but costs about 0....check it out! if you haven't already that is! Beautiful frame! I love the chrome lugs!

Fully aware of the dropouts.

Fully aware of the dropouts. Just found out that this model was one of the first in the 70's with vertical dropouts. Going to get the Eno hub from my friends at Cars r Coffins. Looking to get a black front and back hub and matching black Velocity rims. Can't wait to get this thing rolling.

Terence Brashear

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