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ANCHOR BRIDGESTONE CARBON PHM9 MONSTER in OSAKA         Featured Bike! on 09/21/2010

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Anchor / Bridgestone PHM9

Nitto TSUBASA ! (death bars)

Shimano Dura Ace NJS , Bridgestone / Anchor fork

Corima 4 spoke tubular

Corima carbon plus + disk tubular

Sugino 75 NJS , Dura Ace sealed BB

Kashimax FG-4P NJS , Corima carbon seat pillar

Mikashimax Royal Nuevo NJS, MKS Alumi NJS clips, Toshi NJS straps - Izumi V Super Tougness NJS chain

52 Sugino Gigas, titanium NJS kerin ring, 16T shimano Dura Ace NJS cog

hope you can help me

sorry to get out of topic but whats the name of the style you took the picture. (like spread out)


After another two and a half months of racing this frame it's time to put it up for sale again. I originally pulled it from sale to compete in some local races but I reconsidered selling due to the regulations for the competitions I was hoping to enter (basically NJS). That's since fallen in a heap but I will be keeping the wheelset and getting a bigger carbon frame.

On ebay now:

Hope someone has as much fun as I did.

WOw! This bike looks so

WOw! This bike looks so fun, damn sick bike!


where do you get tsubasa bars/do you want to sell those?


They retail for about five fifty here (obviously I wouldn't be after that)and they are from Nitto so reasonably easy to find in Japan.

All parts in this build are for sale as I have another complete setup that I ride on the street.

Please see the NJSSupermarket shop site if you are interested in any or all parts.


how is it on the track?


It feels a bit wanky to say it, but compared to the steel frames I've had (currently Tange tube - Ocean) the carbon frame feels very different. It kind of flows with the pressure of a sprint where a steel frame resists the pressure. It just always feels different and it's hard to explain why.

As a disclaimer though I should ad that I've only ever ridden it with the death bars and it makes a huge difference to how a bike feels overall.

I like the fish eye lens use

I like the fish eye lens use on the main pic! YOu taken it on the track much?

Not enough unfortunately

Not enough unfortunately because it's tricky to get to the track over here (Osaka) and that's why it's being sold now. I have a custom Ocean frame that I ride every day and it's crazy to have this sitting in storage when someone else could be racing it.

Look amazing...

what size is it? Also how old is it since those graphics aren't the same as the regular Anchor/Bridgestone PHM9s?

It's the medium size (570 to

It's the medium size (570 to the top of the seat post).

The decals are the ones that were released for the Japanese market so that's why they are different.

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