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Alien Track Bike

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Bike photo
Click to view other photos 57cm track frame *clearcoated*

Nitto shallow drop track bars, technomic stem

stock fork, tange headset

Dodici 36h rims to phil wood track hubs

Dodici 36h rims to phil wood track hubs + Euro Asia 18t

Alien cranks 46t ring

Brooks, cheapo 27.2 straight post

mks track pedals/ izumi chain

46/18 currently. dia compe keirin brake and mount.

great ride, but brazing work looks a little off; the seat tube area brazing melted tube and was filled in a little with brazing material. i tried to show a picture of this and the other brazing work. bike shop said that years down the line it could cause problems. keep in mind with these taiwan frames that you get what you pay for, but it really is a fun ride.

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No way a tube melted...

Brazing temperatures are not nearly high enough to melt tubing.

how do u like those

how do u like those wheels?
are the better than h plus's
wats ur input

I really like this setup!!

How are the alien track frames? I like the lug work, and rear dropouts are neat as well! Very nice bike!!


I would check out other Aliens posted on this site. the "dropouts" (they're actually called track ends) are really inconsistent on these frames. But like he says, not bad if you're ok getting what you pay for.

what kind of brake mount is

what kind of brake mount is that ? i cant find a brake that will work with my motobecanes fork spacing

dia compe keirin. bought at

dia compe keirin. bought at


I think you did a great job with this build! I completely disagree with the comment about the brake mount. The brake mounted the way it is creates a very coherent look with the rest of the bike. NIce job!

How do you like this frame so far? I've been considering getting one, but have been a bit iffy? I understand it's not the most quality built frame, but do you find it to be worth it's price tag?

i thought about clear

i thought about clear coating mine but i didn't like the exposed braze work, kinda glad i didn't. yours looks legit however. other than the seat stay area of the bike the geo makes this ride fun as hell

Pretty stupid looking

Pretty stupid looking brake.

The bike would look so much better if you would just drill the fork & get rid of that stupid peace.

Bike looks wonderful though

Brake holes are ugly

When there is nothing in them.

i like those dodici wheels

i like those dodici wheels but cant find any on the

dodici wheels

you can find them on their site:

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