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Custom Bilenky "Hetchins Tribute" Track bike         Featured Bike! on 10/13/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | track pista fixed gear bilenky hetchins classic lugs
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Custom Bilenky "Hetchins Tribute" Track frame

Vintage Major Taylor Bars and Adjustable stem

Vintage Campagnolo Record Neuovo Pista Headset

Zipp T2 Track Hubs laced to custom painted Velocity Deep V's

Zipp T2 Track Hubs laced to custom painted Velocity Deep V's

Campagnolo Record Pista cranks (90's) and Phil Wood BB

Brooks 1st Gen Reproduction Swallow Saddle

MKS Royal Neuvo Track pedals, Vintage Alfredo Binda Leather straps, Izumi Gold Chain


Check out my Flickr set of this bike when you get a chance:

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why have the seat tube

why have the seat tube curved that far in while simultaneously having the seatstay bridge so far down that you cant even slam the rear wheel in the track end to take advantage of it?

seems totally pointless and more of a form-over-function design. like having a frame designed for full suspension because it looks cool, and then putting a rigid strut in place of a rear shock.

cool bike and beautiful build quality, but sometimes stuff like that makes you wonder how much thought was actually put into the design...

Makes me smile

Everytime I feel uninspired or bored i just come back to looking at this bike and it makes my jaw drop.

all your bikes are nice. and

all your bikes are nice. and this one just kills. that clearance is so sexy. nice work.


*jaw drop*

in the third picture it

in the third picture it looks like you have NO CLEARANCE!


that is beautiful


ufff....lets change bikes

ufff....lets change bikes ah?

i can only say..



a beauty beyond words


slam that rear wheel forward, what's the point of having a curved seat tube if you keep your wheel way back there. half link that shit!

seatstays bridge will not

seatstays bridge will not allow to do this my friend :{)

BURN THAT BRIDGE!!! (or take

BURN THAT BRIDGE!!! (or take the angle grinder to it)


That's a beautiful frame (just that the front tire has unnecessarily much clearance ...)

They do some stellar work,

They do some stellar work, don't they. I'm envious.

God that bike is beautiful

I am not a religious person.

Touch me with this bike

Touch me with this bike anywhere you want to.

one of the best

this bike is one of the best i've every seen. congrats on this piece of art!


something just moved in my pants!

The details..

simply stunning.

your bike

is simply the most amazing thing i've ever seen, and the setting for the pictures is perfect for the bike (although i'd like some close ups). the bell is fantastic also! whats the lug work?


Congrats. Well deserved first prizes. THis is truly something special an inspiration to us all. Everything is designed for a reason I am curious as to why with the curved downtube that the rear triangle is not designed to allow the rear wheel hug the downtube?

I may be wrong, as I am not

I may be wrong, as I am not a track bike specialist, but maybe the frame is designed to be used with smaller diameter wheels, like 650c (quite common on TT bikes). If you use 700c rims, you may have some clearance issues around the rear triangle. The tight clearance on the front wheel seems to confirm that as well. But again, that's just a guess...
Awesome bike anyway!

a piece of art

What a beatiful bike mate, very well done you

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