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The Baby Diaper Suprise STOLEN...Gone forever, taken across the border....

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Chop n' Flop | Deep V | fsa | green | more tags >>
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Ross grand touring

?? chop n' flop handlebars, Nimble stem from previous bicycle


700c velocity gold deep v, velocity hub

700c velocity gold deep v, velocity hub

origin 8 crankset, FSA carbon BB with conversion kit

Iscaselle targa, original seat post


19t track cog, 46t chain ring

first fixed gear with limited resources and jubilant colors!!

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you look like a pizza hut

you look like a pizza hut crust punk. and your bike is super bandwagon. thanks you're an idiot.


goin on with ur fork there? looks a little funky..


yup shes a hottums

yup shes a hottums

i bet...

1)you want people to think you are "unique" and "out there"


2)your feet stink all the time

...ya I dont think feet are

...ya I dont think feet are the only things that stink

you guys are clearly fucking

you guys are clearly fucking idiots , a hot chick with a hot bike that actually gets ridden ......

imgladf you could spring for

imgladf you could spring for the deep vs and not a decent frame just another kid on a fixie

Bike Gang

Pull the fork off lay it flat and smack the crown area with a rubber mallot a few times and it may steer better. Love the paint job. Oh yeah, is that a wig?


This is really supercool! You look really happy presenting your bike. I particularly like the rural background in the photos and the natural colours of your bike.
Cheers, Termolux

the colors

are amazing and hilarious. i love it

you are hot , riding bikes

you are hot , riding bikes is fun

so, are you

so, are you in tucson now?


Billie Joe Armstrong in a wig?

that's totally the type of

that's totally the type of paint job i wanted to give the huffy that my dad picked up out of the trash and my grandpap welded. i sanded it down but never got it primed/painted/clearcoated as i had planned. it ended up being a nice "brushed steel underneath a bunch of rust color".

thats a flavor extravaganza.

thats a flavor extravaganza. so crazy that it somehow works. whudjuhdoo to the fork? did it get bent in a little? gives it a nice geometry though. i want your saddle. but i bet your saddle would rather stay with you.

Baby Diaper

I'll clean that pooh out fer ya...



Your a star...

You're near Pittsburgh! kind

You're near Pittsburgh! kind of....

it's been a while since I've seen any bikes on here from out this way

yes, pizzaburgh! I take 'er

yes, pizzaburgh! I take 'er out there, too! But...I'm moving to Tucson soon!


riding in flats hurts my feet.

It makes me feel PRIMITIVE!

It makes me feel PRIMITIVE!

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