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nulla minimalist bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Designer Bradford Waugh came up with Nulla (meaning “nothing”) as a way of making bikes more stylish and lightweight. Lacking spokes, it uses a direct-gear-chain drive system, which leaves the bike looking like a simple set of open curves. It should able to work on a smooth street. Not for any stunts or off road use.

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i want to see someone ride

i want to see someone ride it. i want to ride it!

Do want. Not to ride, just

Do want. Not to ride, just to have, and stare at.

seat configuration is no

seat configuration is no good. you'd have to have the seat way too low or else rack your nuts when you get off.

it looks

like the seatpost(?) telescopes in and out from the frame to adjust for this.

The design is eye-catching.

The design is eye-catching. It just looks dangerously flimsy.


good luck keeping your wheels true


is this in production? i bet it costs a fortune.






shouldnt have any troubles doing a barspin nice



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