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1977 Marinoni Pista         Featured Bike! on 11/9/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 1970's | 3ttt | campagnolo | cinelli | more tags >>
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1977 Marinoni Pista (Columbus Tubes)

3ttt Gimondi Competizione / 3ttt Record (105 mm) >> Cinelli "Priest" / Cinelli 1A

Marinoni / Campagnolo Record

32 H Black Phil Wood High Flange > White MSW Velocity Deep V > Vredestein Fortezza (black/grey)

32 H Black Phil Wood High Flange > White MSW Velocity Deep V > Vredestein Fortezza (black/grey)

Campagnolo Record Pista 170 mm / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo NR / Selle Italia Turbo Bio

MKS Sylvan / ALE Clips / Campagnolo Straps / Miche chain

Phil Wood 51/18

This frame has some interesting history. Marinoni started up his shop in 1975, so this frame would have been among the first 10-12 pista frames that he made under his own badge. The frame's first owner was an employee of Marinoni at the time and was responsible for most of the lug detail work incl. pantographs. He custom engraved and drilled the crank arms, including the fairly ballsy move of etching a fleur-de-lis over the Campy badge... Very Quebec.

The frame was in decent condition but had some rust on the bb shell and around the head tube. Marinoni himself was involved in the restoration of the bike including the paint. I am extremely honored that he took part. The color is called 'eclipse'. The bike is in honor of Marinoni's 30+ years in the business.


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i,d enjoy a fleur de lys

i,d enjoy a fleur de lys noni over a maple leaf one.
do not see how adding a fleur de lys (national emblem) is ballsy. there are italian, french, usa flags on countless bikes.....

very nice frame and cranks, loving the details.

other than that, i have to say there is very bad taste showing w/ saddle (bio turbo) and rim choice as well as grips. please note that this is all IMHO.
while i am on the subjet of style, i also don,t get why a 1977 bike should get modern day decals instead of period correct even if they are replicas... ?

while you're on the subject

while you're on the subject of style,
can I just mention this?


umm, maybe because it defaced the finest marque in cycling components in favor of not a national symbol but a small (but very proud) province. Oh, yeah and the french over italian thing.
Akin to me carving a block of cheese into my 75's...but this stinks of class.

Beautiful bike, great story, maybe questionable restoration...but beautiful.

commuter / cat 6 racer / (over) enthusiastic

poor dude.....

poor dude.....
it is a national symbol for quebec

how do you like the Gimondi

how do you like the Gimondi Competiziones?


They are solid. Hand positions are good/comfy and I like the less deep drop which is comparable to Criteriums. Went with 3ttt as opposed to Cinelli as that was what Marinoni were using at the time...

You can

call or contact Marinoni via email by checking out their site

I have had two frames dated (or confirmed) by them to date and they are very helpful when it comes to authentication... You will need to provide them with the serial number which should be engraved on the underside of the bottom bracket shell.

Good luck with your build; I am thinking that you will be very pleased.


I just picked up a marinoni track frame I have no idea what year it is. do you know where I an get some info ?

a f*cking beauty!

a f*cking beauty!


This has got to be the most beautiful bike on Velospace. Very nice work. If you happen to know where I can get ahold of one of those gorgeous frames, please let me know... I need an upgrade.

Oh my...

...that gorgeous. I am speechless. I am without speech.


i wanna ride it if we and our Marinoni pistas (circa 1977 and 2008) 'run in to one another'.



those cranks....jesus...

those cranks....jesus...

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