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GT Pulse

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | GT Pulse
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GT Pulse 7005 series Alu'


stock Kinesis

Mavic Elipse


Sugi'75, Shimano

stock Pista Concept post and a SSM Concor light

KMC light chain, Time Atac & Sidi Dominators or Sakae/Ringyo SP11 Eleven[???they're dope], Toshi double straps, Mks cages


pretty much always have a GatorSkin in the back, i've got this ORange Hutchtinson tyre upfront
frog lights for the night time
¿¿anybody no a better/replacement option for the stock Mavic lockring??
IF YOU GOT IT GIMMIE,....please.

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i am looking for a 54cm GT bike as my boyfriend got hit by a car last week and it destroyed his. if you can help at all with ideas, i would be very grateful.

Yo Man

Check out the Pulse.
Finally got some pictures.

cool bike

cool bike

one more question! Do you

one more question! Do you ever do tricks? I'm about to get one of these frames and I want to know if they hold up for them

A friend of mine broke his

A friend of mine broke his doing tricks... so I'd say no.

what did he do, to break it?

what did he do, to break it?

big N0~N0! BMW

big N0~N0!

BMW Gangsta-Track!!

on a budget?,... Surly SteamRoller


hows the ride on this? I've

hows the ride on this? I've been wanting one for such a long time!


fast and responsive.

i had this sloppy touring bike conversion,
felt like i was trying to lick a lollipop without taking the wrapper off.
i got a hold of the Pulse
it was like my very first taste of candy,'s soooo sweet.

top tube is alittle long.
if you get one yer prob'bly gonna need a short stem.
BB is high.
so you sit high.
yo got some weird responses on your page.
did you ever find out what "V&" meant?


lol thanks for the

lol thanks for the information, I have not found out what some of those comments meant, o well I don't really care much. Just some people trying to fuck with me =)

super nice

looks great man!
i have a pulse that will be finished by the end of the week.
what size is yours? how tall are ya?



i'm 6',[180cm] but my inseam is extra long 36", [91.5cm].
i ride the seat up to the max~limit.

yours'll be ready in a week?
i know your anxious.
what size is yours?



I took mine by the shop last night to get the headtube faced and the HS pressed in. I think I will be able to finish the rest tonight:)

Mine is a 56cm too. I am 5'11" inseam is 34". I think it will fit just fine. Will post it up here in the next few days.


the lockring is proprietary but I believe it is campy, so look for that.


thanks for the suggestion,

we tried Campy but i didnt fit,... kinda had a FakeMeOut fit.
seem'd like it was fitting at first but then it seized before it reach'd the cog.

Mavic Ellipse are my favorite wheels but,
the stock lockring is crappy.
i've strip'd two taking cogs of and on.



yep, i've stripped 2. let me know if you find the right lockring.

nice details

nice details


i've got other plans for the GT but for now i'm trying to figure what to do with this....

... ...

if that HTML doesnt work then it's here...
... ...

it's a Diamant TT frame, from the DDR, East Germany.
i would have posted it as one of my other bikes,
VeloSpace rules ask us not to post just frames.

i dont have it yet.
it should be here in a week or two.
i dont even know if the Diamant TT is 650 front or not.

is that your only ride the Peugeot?
looks pretty good!


here's what you do with it

give it to me. I'd apply a sweet paintjob, some DA+cpx30's, bullhorns, grand mighty cranks... Looks to me like a 700c. have fun and show us your progress.


i'mma guy that likes to drive a bike by the Horns!
but i think i wanna try some risers.

Sug'75s, or .... yeah, i'm feeling the GrandMighty's

i'm thinkin' a lil'bigger like 40~43cm and Italian, raw alu'.
not Shamal's, dont have enough spokes. [i'd be scared.]
CXP30s would be my second choice. definitely.
28 spoke.
Phil's raw alu' finish.... might get these other hubs i have anodized.
bladed spokes, .
what's the widest bladed spokes you can think of?
the stock bladed spokes on a
coupl'a Velocity wheels sets i've seen werent really doin'it for me.
i want some spokes at least as wide as the Mavic Ellipse.

i like to hear suggestions.



i forgot about the Paul's cranks "ClubsHeartsDiamondsSpades"!
i likes dhem.


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