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Bianchi Pista Concept 2003

Deda Pista // Torelli

Bianchi Carbon

Deep V // Dura Ace

Deep V // Dura Ace

Dura Ace // Dura Ace

Selle Italia SLR XC Gel // Easton Aluminum

MKS Track // Wipperman

48 FSA // 17 Surly

My bike sucks.

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your bike is my bike's

your bike is my bike's nemesis.
But still, i like your bike too!
I bet yours doesn't even appear on radar..... too fast, too stealth!
Sweet, man!

Added to the Madison, Wi.

Added to the Madison, Wi cluster. Rock on!


That's how a stem should be rocked. Aggressively. Drops, horns and especially risers.

What is the make and model

What is the make and model of that stem. Bike looks boss btw.

thanks! it.s just a torelli

it.s just a torelli stem...methinks they only make this model in different lengths...IMO this should be the only angle they should make it.

if i ever get a pista concept. . .

it would look like this. nice fuckin' ride.

Thanks man! I say do it.

Thanks man!

I say do it. I've ridden with a dude that had a brooks on his 2003, and it doesn't look that bad. Maybe you could chop it up? That looks really good for sure.

How'd you get the decals off

How'd you get the decals off the fork? Mine seem to be under the clear coat...

mine didn.t have any decals.

mine didn.t have any decals. looks like you have the 06....i wouldn.t try it if there.s clear...nice whip though! noticed you have a torelli stem too...i love mine. ride safe.

do you like that chain ring?

do you like that chain ring?

love the

love the chainring....considering getting the carbon FSA crank...but then imma need a new BB too so.....maybe

Yea! All black!

That would be fucking awesome! Your bike would be the king of the jungle. Evil and quick :p

I've always wanted to see an all blacked out Concept. Very cool.

Mine is powdercoated. It was done in Atlanta, but by the person I bought it from. I am thinking about getting another color done, but not anytime soon. Take care.

hurry up and join the

hurry up and join the 3rensho club.

and remeber to mount those mirrors on yer fork ends when you do, else you will never see what's coming....


I wish I found that stem before selling my Deda Pista bars. Looks really similar to mine.

I've always wanted the black frame, so what did I get instead... a white one? Oops.

Lovely bike.


favorite color + favorite frame = favorite bike on here

You Don't Mean It .

If your bike sucks, send it . hehe . I've got an urago track bike with cottered nervar cranks at this time . It will be up soon . I hope mine doesn't suck . Who cares if it does ..... I love it .

love the ride

love your ride! always had a soft spot for the old black frames.

old? its a 2003

old? its a 2003

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