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Mental Continental Lead Sled

Bike tags: Single speed | Schwinn Continental PDX Portland Corima 4 spoke zipp 404 bullhorns
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Schwinn Continental

Used parts bin @ Recyclery

Chinese Fork & cheap headset

Zipp 404


Stella Azzurra, FSA BB with an adaptor to fit the frame

Selle Italia


50/18, or 50/19, or 50/17. Whatever.

I bought this thinking it would be easy to build. Due to its age and shape it was hard to find a good headset/fork/BB so it took a while. As it turns out it is a very nice ride, a lot of speed on the top end and it rolls like a dream. I was surprised at its flickability as well.

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you should

sell me the corima.

this bike is obviously a

this bike is obviously a joke.
he probably has a real track bike and just swapped the wheels...

i hope

Those wheels deserve a nicer

Those wheels deserve a nicer bike.

What is this shit?

the frame is definitely

the frame is definitely getting its ass kicked by those wheels. i'm sure its an awesome ride though.


Your frame is a anchor.... with bad geometry. i don't mean to be mean but those wheels deserve better.

Cool Build

what the hell is flickability?

Electro-forging + ZIPP = wtf

Electro-forging + ZIPP = wtf


those wheels deserve a frame with tighter geometry

I would

try a larger ring or smaller cog, youd get to work quicker...and get rid of the brake it's taking some aerodynamic edge away.

otherwise, best build here on velospace, no doubt.

cool build

love the contrast

keepin it real


I am inclined to suggest

a reorganization of monetary priorities...


I am inclined to agree! The frame was ! You would be surprised how cheap the rest of it was to find...






..would you put sick wheels on a p.o.s. like that?!

Because I am from College

Because I am from College Station. And I represent that shit in the pacific northwest with sweet dichotomy and big words!


thats not the frame i would have expected to see on those wheels. but i am all for unusual. how do you like the combo? its a pretty relaxed geometry.

Si Senor.

That was the point for me, take away as much of the shittyness of what is quite possibly one of the shittiest mass produced bicycles, throw on some fairly light stuff on it and see how it rolls. I have a five mile commute into downtown Portland, it works great for that. The geometry is deceptive, that fork does not have much trail, so it is fairly quick to turn in. Once it is rolling there is nothing stopping it. Lead Sled. I love your brown bike, good on ya.





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