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EAI Bareknuckle         Featured Bike! on 12/30/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | 54cm | Bareknuckle | more tags >>
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54cm EAI Bareknuckle

Nitto 259AA 50cm risers, Kore Lite stem (Kogswell pictured), purple Ourys

Chris King is ON THE WAY!!

Velocity/ Formula

Velocity/ Formula

Dura-Ace (170mm)/ Phil Wood BB

Nashbar Race Saddle, Thomson 250mm Elite (Kalloy pictured)

MKS GR-9, MKS clips, Campy straps, SRAM 3/32

Phil Wood 16t, Dura-Ace 46t. (19t Surly on flip-side)

Looks a very carefully thought

Looks like a very carefully thought project. Clean for sure.

Love it, ride on.

oury grips

got a question. the bike i'm working on, looks quite the same as you bike. are the oury grips purple or blue? i thougt the purple ones should have the same color as the purple velocity rims.

better late than never..

Sorry about the delay.. Maybe this will help someone in the future. Yes those are the "purple" Ourys. They don't match the purple anodize/paint on the Velocitys exactly but are pretty close and seemed to darken and get a little closer as they aged and got hand oil on them. Danscomp now has about 15-20 different (but similar) styles to choose from in purple.


that bike looks HOT! i want to play it!



Thanks a lot! I love it too.

Thanks a lot! I love it too.

what kind of...

tires are those? not a big fan of deep v's though. i have a set my self and they're really heavy

Looks like it doesnt get

Looks like it doesnt get enough love. Its to clean. Ride it more. Everything looks brand new right out of a box.


It get's plenty o' love. Like 4+ hours a day worth of love. This picture was taken literally seconds after it was finished being built. That's why there's not a speck of dirt on the white tires or saddle. It's since had many upgrades including a new Dura Ace drivetrain (octalink), Thomson silver Elite seatpost, and new stem (silver!) lost the spacers and cut down to the headtube. Tires are now dingy and about to be replaced with fresh white Vittorias. Be on the lookout for my new Makino which is in the process of being built! Holler...........

bareknuckles always look

bareknuckles always look sooo sick when built up. jealous. how does it ride?


BK lounge

It rides like a buttery dream. I also have a KHS flite 100 and the Bareknuckle rides noticibly better. It also just tips 19 lbs fully built with blinkies and top tube pad. I love it. Can't say enough about it. Thanks for the comment!

That purp make'n it

That purp make'n it lean....

Heater fa sho! Good job.....


You know the purp always

You know the purp always makes ya lean!

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