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3rensho "Okashii"

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3rensho Cyclone Super Record Import NJS

Nitto Jaguar NJS Stem, Nitto steel track drops

hatta swan headset

36h campy record NJS sheriff stars on Araya Gold rims

36h campy record single fix NJS sheriff stars on Araya Gold rims

dura ace BB, sugino 75 cranks

Nitto jaguar seatpost, fizik poggio ouchy saddle

Time ATAC pedals, izumi gold chain

49 x 16

Okashii says hello. She will see you at the track. (She's a little anti-street lately). oh, and she'd like to give a big facepunch to the owner of Yellow Jersey in Madison, who so badly mistreated her.

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Beautiful Bike!! Yeah owner

Beautiful Bike!! Yeah owner of the yellow jersey is probably one of the biggest assholes I've ever met. I was visiting a friend in Madison once and was about to throw down four hundred on a frame, but the owner was such an ass that I decided I couldn't possibly give him my money even though I wanted the frame (a 3rensho athlete) more than anything. Sorry for the rant....awesome awesome build- what velodrome do you race at?


I've always loved 3Rensho. Such great lugwork and clean lines. Any idea if this is one that Yoshi made?

don't know, but...

I don't think Konno made it. It has fastback seatstays, which I've heard he preferred to avoid.

is it wrong that im turned on by my bicycle?

if you lowered your stem you could make out with your tire


the story of the mistreatment in madison?

yellow jersey is for haters.

so, the only place in the USA you can buy decals for 3renshos is Yellow Jersey. They charge an obscene for a sheet. Having no choice, i bought them.

Later, while in the process of moving from DC to Chicago, I loaned the 3rensho to my brother in Madison for safe keeping. He lives a block from Yellow Jersey, so he asked me to ship it there. I did. They unpacked the bike and an inexperienced wrench threw it in a stand without a rag and tore off part of one of the obscenely high priced decals they sold me. I called the owner, Andrew Muzi, to see how they'd fix it. He said they'd take care of it. "That's going to be hard, since the decals are under a clearcoat." He swore he'd take care of it.

When I got the 3rensho back from my brother ~a month later, I saw his "solution." He put another decal over the original, over the clearcoat, poorly lined up so that you can see the shadow of the original. It looks really shitty. And that was the OWNER's solution.


out of all the bikes in all the galleries, this has to be my favorite. Her story is amazing too.

thanks! i think the happy


i think the happy ending to her story is that now that i live in chicago, i get to race Okashii on the track. Plus, I got a pair of 110 campy sheriff star hubs from my BF for xmas, so I've built tubular wheels - on Araya Gold rims, of course! track racing wheels look great on this frame.

word. If you and your BF

If you and your BF make it out to LA, hit me up!
The tubulars will be ill. I am thinking of figuring out how to rock tubulars on all my bikes after riding on them for awhile now.
last, PICS! With the tubulars!

hot bike...

your rig is a real beauty


This bike is boss. Very classy!.

Speeding towards the -final-and-deadly showdown...


Hey Kiddo!

I did a search for a Nitto Jaguar seat post and low and behold. When searching for the Jaguar, your 3rensho ends up as about two or three links on the first page on Google.

okashii's just a sucker for

okashii's just a sucker for attention... what can i say?

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