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Soma Rush SOLD

Bike tags: Track bike | soma rush
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Soma Rush

Chopped aluminum risers Oury grips/ Nitto Jaguar 100

KHS/ Tange

Deep V

Deep V

Sugino Messenger/ Sugino

San Marco Rolls

MKS Sylvan/ Soma Double Straps/ Izumi


SOLD...bareknuckle love

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oh god,why

"SOLD...bareknuckle love"

buy a dodici cicli frame!! that will be true love..

soma , do i really need to

soma , do i really need to say more have so pride in your self and get a real bike your the hipster posting your bike on the internet and even if i was a hipster i wouldnt be one on a soma your ajoke and enjoy your ride or what ever you wanna call it i think you can get soma shit at k mart now right?


If you think its Hipster junk (which its not, Great build edward!) why dont you post your own ride? If anywaone is the poser it's you...

please please please post

please please please post your bike pleaaase....little bitch

since the ring says

since the ring says messenger on it do you go faster

suck me off faster you

suck me off faster you little bitch

consider this sexy beast

sold. :)

raaaaaaaaaad. oh wait. no it

raaaaaaaaaad. oh wait. no it isn't.


way cooler than a GT GTB. GTBs are heavy and ride like complete shit. I'm glad you didn't pay for yours though!




..yeah anyways cool bike dude.

duuuudddeeee those stems are

duuuudddeeee those stems are the best


hell yeah, it looks real good with a threaded fork, i was wondering cause everyone who has a rush went threadless

upper playground

dope stickers.. And nice bike!

very very beautiful!

very very beautiful!

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