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Affinity pursuit grey.

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Affinity Pursuit 52cm

nitto Jag-nitto risers cut and taped

stock fork-cheap shimano headset. (affinity ran out of the chris kings)

700c Aerospoke - some Michilen tire (bad spelling) - now vento

700c Celeste deepv - dura ace njs double sided- rando- now aerospoke

75s bb-black 165mm 75 arms- zen ring 49t

Sette white post - Concor aniversery saddle

sylvans-toshi doubles-mks plastic clips/ cheap kmc chain

18t phil - 49:18


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man thats a real beauty!

man thats a real beauty! well built!

Hi, just wondering is that a

Hi, just wondering is that a small (52 top tube)?
How tall are you? Im 5' 9", not sure should i get a small or medium.
Please advise.

That rear aero screams

Bay Area.


I can't stand aerospokes and risers.
For some inexplicable reason, I love looking at this bike.

My white lo pro is almost done. I just need my cranks to arrive in the mail, then I'm getting new wheels and it will be done.

Affinities unite!


loving the vento,, the whole set up is dope


i love the matte grey- seafoam combo. you definitely built one of my favorites.

how much did your saddle

how much did your saddle cost you?where did you get it from ?

god so fucking nice.

god so fucking nice. beautiful build.


my favorite frame in the best color


Does anyone know if the new batch of frames can still be set up with quill stems?


that is a fork that i got threaded. u can only get threadless now


So. Lame.


how do u like your aerospoke rear
becuz i was thinking about getting one

hella diggin it

how can i get my hands on this frame? i live in sf.

how tall are you? i'm 5'8'', think it'll fit me ok?

any info is appreciated!

call up affinty, they're

call up affinty, they're located in new york, they only take phone calls. I think you should get the medium. I am about your height and my friend is a little smaller than me and he ordered the medium as to Sean's small. The medium fits better.

thanks man

yeah i've been riding a 49cm forever. thought it was nice and snug, until i started getting really uncomfortable, and i just noticed the tt slope towards the seat tube. yuck.

so i heard from another thread that when riding a pursuit frame you're supposed to go a size up from the normal size that you ride..?

what's the specs of the small and the medium? 52cm ad 54cm?

thanks again.

u guys are all idiots. well not marcus.

when u chose a number size u can size up. but then u wouldnt realy be riding a pursuit bike. u would just be riding a normal bike with a long seattube. get ur true size. if u do size up just size up a lil. thats y affinity just does s,m,l


hey I think the small is like a 52,53cm ish and the medium is about 55-56cm

Apparently affinity doesn't

Apparently affinity doesn't make this color anymore. I want this so bad. Sell it to me!

just here to drop some respect for a dope ride..

I get mine is a week. what size is yours?? small/med

Indeed, it is :)

Indeed, it is :)


want to get an affinity one day. Yours looks real good.

looks hella clean sean, now

looks hella clean sean, now go ride it!

Looks good bro. I like that.

Looks good bro. I like that.


looks like a fun ride.gj!

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