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Cinelli Vigorelli

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'08 Cinelli Vigorelli

Throwaway riser bars/ Nitto B123 and Mutant (bananas)/Origin 8 pro fit

Carbon and FSA

Mavic Kysirium Elite

Velocity Areohead laced to Surly

Dura Ace and Shimano

Fizik and Thompson Elite/Origin 8 carbon

MKS Sylvan with doubles and KMC

Dura Ace/Surly/Soma/FSA and 48:15

I'm one of those people that thinks beat up bikes are a lot prettier than pristine ones.
A beat up bike means that its being used everyday, and to me, thats beautiful!

But anyway, this is a fun bike!
It has become my all around bike... not really a beater, but kinda. HAH!

I run GREAT doublers on my pedal set up made by a friend of mine: David R. Munson... If you want some you can contact him at his website: He's a great photographer and makes some SICK doublers... look out for his latest work in the next issue of COG Magazine!!!

x512x HOLLA!!!!!

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my favorite vigorelli on here.

it looks so bad ass.


bad ass!!!

What happened?

What happened?

I love the Whoo ... and then

I love the Whoo ... and then hoo stickers.. that shit cracked me up

You've managed to turn an

You've managed to turn an amazing frame into a complete piece of shit. Good work dude.


Read reply comment below... goes for you too!


your such a homo
wtf would you buy a 1000 dollar bike just because you like "beat up" bikes
your such a trick

i agree



Thanks for the comment!
Greatly appreciated!

Oh, and I also race cyclocross on this bike too!

Besides, got this bike for a really good price on the interwebs... totally not worth what the retail is. But, don't get me wrong, it's a great bike... I would just use 1200 on a custom frame.

Also, you might want to post up pictures of YOUR bikes so I can make fun of them too!


i didnt realize its against

i didnt realize its against the bike laws to put stickers on your shit...

its not like he bought the frame then hit it with a hatchet 15 times then started riding it cuz he likes fucked up bikes...

if someone made a video of that

if someone made a video of a cinelli getting hit with a hatchet id buy no no matter the price. thatd be the funniest shit ever

Love the Look!

Thats the way a bike should look!


my bike is officially done just need to take some pictures!

~ I may live in New York City, but I'm from Seattle! ~

chris lee riding clipless??

chris lee riding clipless??

Me and Kanye became closer

Me and Kanye became closer when i rode that beast of a bike...

PS this is Tony... but then again you hate me, so i guess i should be hating on your bike rather than praising it

the only vigorelli ive ever

the only vigorelli ive ever liked. very nice man

I like that Full Speed Ahead

I like that Full Speed Ahead ring! how're those rims yo!?


your bike is hard as

your bike is hard as fuuuuuck ha.

and the rolls saddle is decent but i got it for like 20 bucks ha only reason im runnin it still.



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