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1975 Lejeune Track

Bike tags: Track bike | 531 | 61cm | french | lejeune
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61cm Lejeune Track

Sakae Ergo NJS/3ttt

Lejeune / Lightrace

Campy Record / hoshi / martino strada / tufo

Campy Record / hoshi/ martino strada / tufo

Tevano Pista (doublestamp) / TA pista

Selle Italia Flite Ti / kalloy 26.6

campy cog/lockring - 50/16

531 double-butted tubes, sticker says 3 mains, but i suspect all, and is the concensus from others. zeus track ends, bocama professional long-point lugs with filed windows, surprisingly stiff, unusually large. Possibly an ex-team bike by Francois du Toit, if you know more, please message me.

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Otto, man, I've been ogling

Otto, man, I've been ogling your Ergo bars for a while. Either they're amazingly rare or you're not giving me the correct product name.

love french rear dropouts.

love french rear dropouts. so slender. nice bike.


Zeus was spanish.

Dig your LeJeune

Lovely bike. You scored a great deal for a bike with character and elan to match quality. The only thing missing is your choice of bars, covering, stem, saddle, post... heh. Really, this '75 deserves a classic setup, not ergo-zazz. Vintage Cinelli track bars/stem, campy post, and classic Unicanitor would be fitting. Throw in some classic Pista pedals and you're good to go. Actually, that's obviously just a taste issue but seems these vintage frames play the best if done all the way. Still, nice score and at a price you don't see anymore. Take her all the way for the ultimate.

I'm on the hunt for a better

I'm on the hunt for a better stem, headset, and seatpost. i lost an auction for the perfect post about a month ago (i'm still bitter). stem is hard to find in 22.0, and i'm too cheap to shell out market price. unicanitors hurt my boney tush. cinelli bars would be good looking, but again, for comfort I dig my ergonicity. the pedals i threw on from a bike i sold, are mated with my shoes (why change out cleats, right?). Thanks for the kind comments, I dig it alot too. It definately has character, and i love leaving slivers of metallic purple on signposts, meters, and racks around town.


That wheelset is lookin good. Im really digging the overall look of that bike.keep it salty.

do not repaint!!

please do not repaint it!
it is a mickey rourke of bicycles - STYLISH!

i agree, don't re paint

i agree, please don't repaint it

it's perfect as is


you work in a bike shop, straighten those blades!
-vic coffin

trade you the nash for it

trade you the nash for it (yes)


Beauty comes in the ugliest of things.

So true...

So true...

That frame

is so rad it hurts.

When is the Zunow goin up?

One word:

You must be a giant! haha

Thats a nice looking bike though!
Can't wait to see those Suzue's on there!

looks like that fork looks

looks like that fork looks squashed. got hit?


no, just tight. i was

no, just tight. i was concerned at first too

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