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Geekhouse pursuit

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Boston
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Richie chopped risers, Thompson elite

Geekhouse, Chris King

Custom Powdercoated Deep V

White Powdercoated Deep V

Paul royal flush 165mm 46t 1/8", Phil wood

Tioga Spyder, Thompson elite

Sylvan track, 1/8" Kool

1/8" 17t

My boy marty built the frame. check his shit out @

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geekhouse love

man, this bike is way too rad! did geekhouse get the frame painted or did you do that once you recieved it? ive seen a couple of bikes from them with some pretty unique paintjobs..all of which looked completely awesome!


This bike makes me want to get a geekhouse. Nice colors and balance; Great overall build man. Marty's video on his site is so sweet.


Dude that fork is super industrial-looking. Tight paisley too. Love the stays. Enjoy it!

I deleted a ton of comments

I deleted a ton of comments on this bike because they violated the velospace rules, which basically boil down to:

Don't be a jerk.

If you need the whole text of the Rule check this out:

Rule 1. Don't be a jerk.
Note to Rule 1. velospace is not a place for you to vent about how much you hate bikes, how much you hate certain bikes, how much you hate people who ride certain bikes, how much you wish people who rode certain bikes were dead, and etcetera. If you attempt to use velospace for purposes like these you will be banned.

only love.

i dont get all the flaming either.
you do yours; i will do mine.
its a nice bike.

super cool bike!

super cool bike!
love the stays..
been loving all the frames he makes!
these kids talking shit are dumb!!!

i've been feelin them

i've been feelin them geekhouse frames.

I dunno why all the tools

I dunno why all the tools felt the need to bash the bike when the whole point is for you to enjoy it, but I think its sick as shit. Cheers.


I like the print on top of that powdercoat. How did that get on there like that? I'm curious now... been doing a little powdercoating myself you know.

I also kinda responded to one of those lil kids further down the page but I think I wasted my breath.

Nice bike though.

thanks dude

thanks dude

nice bandana!

looks like a fun ass ride. I want one in paisley!


Very, very nice. And, I like your attitude a lot. I've occasionally had to defend a beloved bike from the scene-wolves, so... WD, in all respects, brother.


HOLY SH!T, that thing is

HOLY SH!T, that thing is straight nasty. marty from boston? -jroc


GT and Daccordi did a collab or what?!
haha jk!!!

Those stays are INSANE!!!




mind melting...


man, this has come out sooo nice. can't wait to get mine :) . top work marty!!

The paint scheme

Love the colors! They work great together. The fork is super funky

don't know why people are

don't know why people are hatin'.. i think it's a pretty sick bike, i've seen more obnoxious and flahier bikes than this

Mr. Tits, you're fully sick bro... (O:

Not half sick, but fully sick bro... Crank it UP!!! (O: Well done on a unique and kewl-ass ride...

This bike is amazing.

This bike is amazing.
Well done.

I love haters

This bike is rad. Face-melting rad.

yea wats up with all the

yea wats up with all the hate?? ur all just jealous cuz its a nice ass bike that you dont have!

i know bro def, on point

i know bro def, on point

OMG. sick. WANT!!!

OMG. sick. WANT!!!


its sad that people go out of there way to try and "ruin this bike for you" sweet bike man! keep rippin!


everyone is hating hard! Dude, as long as you ride the bike, it's cool!


I like it. so does the owner. Get off the computer and go ride.


why on earth do you ''custom powdercoat'' a deep V when they come in white in the first place??? or get a deep V at all.

what happened to the custom

what happened to the custom paint on the rear wheel BRO?



''powdercoated white deep

''powdercoated white deep V''

want the link to where they sell normal white deep V rims?

no i'm all set. but thanks!

no i'm all set. but thanks! it didn't cost anything to get it done so you can stop worrying about it dude.

omg! thats awesome

omg! thats awesome

thanks dude!

thanks dude!


wow eeeeeesh wow

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