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moser track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | blahblah | LA | Moser | Track
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f. moser 54

nitto / cheapo rizer

moser / campagnolo

phil 32 / mavic open pro

phil 32 / mavic open pro

campagnolo pista / campagnolo

turbo / nitto

specialized / hkk vertex

48 x 17

found this frame sitting in the basement of a bike shop outside of rimini, italy on my recent vacation. coudn't believe it really.
the serial number is XX

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sooo nice, how much you pay?

sooo nice, how much you pay?


Good to see another one of these bikes, I wish mine was in such a good shape too; but I found my moser frame in the public trash :-) Love what youve done with it...

can' moser...

such a beautiful specimen. why didn't i find anything like this on my trip to italy? why!?!

this bike is hotttttt.

this bike is hotttttt.

I like it just the way it is

I like it just the way it is


Planning to add some deep drops ? Althow, it looks plenty hot as is!

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