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Buck McClunker - 1945 Hiawatha

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1945 Hiawatha, has been (poorly) repainted

Stock, including the grips as far as I know.


Probably stock wheel, 26x2.125 Kenda whitewall tire

Stock New Departure Model D Coaster Brake hub on what I'm assuming are stock rims, 26x2.125 Kenda whitewall tires

Stock 1-piece crank. Check out the bitchin' chainring

Stock. Saddle is a "Trokel"

Chain is skip-tooth! Obviously stock. Electra brand pedals are the only thing I've replaced.

26 x 10, but it's skip tooth so I guess double those numbers for the modern equivalent..

This was a sweet little Craigslist find. It's a lot of fun to ride; the thing is long as a Cadillac and you can feel it. Ridden it no-handed with my legs propped up on the handlebars like an ottoman. Too bad it weighs like 40 or 50 pounds. Haven't actually measured. Good for bombing down hills, but going up them is a whole other story. The only thing that I've changed on this are the pedals. The threading on the original ones stripped.

Named "Buck McClunker" because "Buck" sounded like a good 40's name and because it is a clunker.

It's also for sale, if anyone is interested.

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That things got STYLE!

That things got STYLE!

Buck McClunker - 1945 Hiawatha

Fantastic, bike, reminisent of the old early American Motorcycle styling in the geometry. The old bikes are fun to ride most definately. More than a dozen years ago when I was in school in the South Western US friends of mine in college had a whole fleet of 30's 40's and 50's vintage bikes most with original paint in the bike racks on campus. Every chance I got I begged them to let me ride thier bike for a few seconds so I got a sense that each frame, front fork variation and handle bar or tire configuration handeled differnetly with each modle or manufacturer. If I could chose a great place to ride one like that it would be the mid west but with an electric motor it might handle hills here. Understand your from Origon is that correct? Do you realy want to sell it? How much? I weigh about 200lbs and am 5'10 is this bike too small will the welds hold up?

Im working on a later 1950's Rollfast I got just after the Tour De Phat show. The person I bought it from reenforced the welds and included some extra parts the price was reasonable so I got it. Im going to include photos of my bike to post.

Your bike is mostly there and in ridable shape.



Nice classic bike in all aspects.

Friggin Sweet

Love these old bikes. I agree, uphill is a bitch .Don't want to be seen walking do we ?


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