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the felt

Bike tags: Track bike
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Felt TK2

Deda Pista/Felt

Felt/Cane Creek

Hed 3

Hed Track Disc

Sugino 75

Generic Saddle/Felt

GR9 Pedals/Izumi



I've never really understood why everyone build a mean machine of a bike and then put a heavy, silver crankset on it. Is it because carbon cranksets are weak or something?

i doubt this'll ever see a

i doubt this'll ever see a track, unfortunately.

Damn, real track bikes

Damn, real track bikes always make street fixed gears look like little third-grade girls dancing about in flowery tutus. Nice!


ohhh this must ride sexy, is that a clincher on theback?


how did u make ur disc a fixed gear

u can get a surly fixxer or

u can get a surly fixxer or go onto the hed website and order a conversion kit


which one did you do? I have a road hed disc and dont know which to buy

my bike makes sex on your

my bike makes sex on your bike


that is one slick bullet. Much nicer than your Concept. Definately nicer than my FTP. I would put a fizik arione and clipless pedals on there and its golden. There is a listing for one almost identical on ebay: # 270260460908
These are gorgeous.


my concept looks pretty similar to that bike now. it has the same drops only on the deda newton pista stem.

wow this thing is something

wow this thing is something


We got the same bike and same gear ratio :)

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