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Vintage Raleigh track bike. Raw 531 Reynolds, beater.

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Raleigh 55 square, 531 Reynolds, stamped seatstays 1978 or 88 (not sure) bare and unpainted (yet)

Nitto Promanade (upsidedown) custom stem... nothing special

stock fork 531 drilled for breaks, wierd 80's primax headset

campagnolo low flange hub laced to araya rim

sovos flip flop hub running 16 fixed and 18 freewheel on matching araya rim

old SR apex track forged to a 52 ring, 165 cranks, on an unnamed sealed bb

american classic seatpost in purple annodised, velo seat,

BMX chain, shimano 600 toeclips and cages

52 X 16 (ouch) fixed or 52 X 18 freewheel

If anyone know anything about the frame let me know, i have tracked the serial number to be original Raleigh made in Carlton in either 78 or 88, but the seatstays being stamped is basicly impossible to find out about... its not common and not a feature of any raleigh i can find anywhere?? other than that this is my first fixie, built out of parts form the left over bins at bike shops, the frame was a pass on from a mate it didn't fit, and i go the wheels from a guy who used to ride until he got hit by a semi trailer and broke his leg in half... (nice guy... tough too). any sugestions on what colour to paint it??

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Check out the Raleigh track bike in this picture. I had one in 1978 and man I wish I'd kept it. The Turquoise/White is really catching.Copy and paste the link below. It will take you to an unbelievable collection of vintage cycles containing several nice Raleighs.

my 84 raleigh marathon has

my 84 raleigh marathon has stamped stays

52x16 nice!

52x16 nice!


Nice frame, looks great steel. If you really want to do something with it, have you considered sanding and polishing it to a chrome. If you start with a 320 grit, then 400, 800, by the time you get to 1000 it will have a chrome effect. You can clear coat it with an acrylic enamel if you worry about rust. Time consuming, but I actually like that kind of stuff. If you ever sell that frame, I would definitely be interested.

pure lust

Paint it Black.
With drop bars.

thats dumb

thats dumb


Clear coat.
keep it steel.

this is the info i've

this is the info i've gathered on my raleigh with the stamped stays from a man named Rick
"I worked at the Raleigh plant in the US for many years and find it
odd that this bike has Technium decals on it. It is clearly not a
Technium frame and the US plant never produced Track frames with the
exception of the limited number of frames built by Denise Bushnell
in the special projects area for various team members (and the stay
ends look very much like his work)."

Your frame looks slightly different in terms of geometry and fork ends. Do you know if that fork came with the frame when it was built? I love it though...paint it a deep a dark ass apple. I think that would be prettty neat. Is the frame damaged in any way..cause if you are trying to sell it i might be interested.

stamped stays

my friends bike that is also a raleigh track has stamped stays like that... his user name on velospace is bring44 and he seems to know alot about the raliegh's from that era. He might in face have the painted version of your bike

nice one,

thanks for the tip, its a wierd feature.... just got me wondering... you know.



Hot pink!

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