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SOLD: Cannondale Track 3.0 1992         Featured Bike! on 02/4/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | aluminum | cannondale | Seattle | suntour superbe
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1992 Cannondale aluminum 63cm

Nitto Pearl and Nitto anodized risers

Cannondale Tange steel fork, Suntour Superbe Pro

Suntour Superbe Pro laced to Mavic Open Pro

Suntour Superbe Pro laced to Mavic Open Pro

Suntour Superbe Pro

Kingsberry USA seat post, Fizik saddle

Suntour Superbe Pro track pedals with Toshi singles, D.I.D. Racing Pro chain

EAI cog

I've always liked the looks of these 90's Cannondale track bikes. Got it from the original owner, who'd raced it a bit at Marymoor when it was new, and then put it away after only a few seasons. This one is incredibly clean and original - though I'm riding this on the street so I had the wheels rebuilt with clincher rims, and I went with riser bars, a larger cog, and added a new seat -- but other than that it is original. Full Suntour Superbe Pro track group. Very stiff aluminum frameset, but not as harsh as I feared. This bike has a tighter geometry than any of my other bikes, it's extremely light, and lots of fun to ride.

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Love the stock build

I love your build I'm getting my 1992 63cm cdale track in the mail tomorrow I can't wait... I'll be posting pics soon unfortunately it's not stock besides the frame and fork but it will have Dura Ace, Mavic, Campy and Chris King components so not too bad either

Congratulations on the new

Congratulations on the new bike! It sounds great, I look forward to seeing your pics.

If you ever want to sell

If you ever want to sell this frame, let me know. I absolutely love this frames and want a fixed version.



i dream

of this bike.

beautiful semi-stock

beautiful semi-stock build...trying to get my cannondale back to a similar state. very nice!!!



nice catch,
great you found it in your size how tall are you?
i have a Gt Pulse,
if i could choose another Aluminum Track frame it'd be a Cannondale

the Superbe set is cool

Thanks! Yeah, very lucky to

Thanks! Yeah, very lucky to find it in my size. I'm 6'3", all legs.

when did you have teal

when did you have teal grips?

When? Still do. Not sure I

When? Still do. Not sure I understand the question..?

black and blue

black and blue-ish combo is looking good! Maybe some black deep v's!? Such a Beaut!

headtube on these frames are so sick

fuck yea.

what I would do for my frame

what I would do for my frame to be in that condition!


these. i wouldve ran silver seatpost and rizers, but meh, its yours, not mine. THAT sucks.


thanks, nick - the seat post

thanks, nick - the seat post is actually original. i like that the bike was so original when i got it and wanted to keep it that way as much as possible, so figured i'd respect the original aesthetic and use the black seat post. and then i figured i'd get black risers to compliment the seat post. would have looked nice to keep the drop bars but this is set up for city riding.

well then i guess you stuck

well then i guess you stuck it to the man. if it was your goal, you got it. well done.




man... these frames

somebody should start a

somebody should start a cluster.

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