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Greg's Spicer         Featured Bike! on 01/23/2010

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Spicer aluminum track frame, 55cmish, titatnium dropout inserts

Track: Deda Elementi Pista drops, 42cm. Deda Elementi Newton Pista stem, 110mm. Street: ITM 1" steel riser. Uno alloy stem.

Felt airfoil. Cane Creek Dia Compe headest.

Phil Wood high flange, deep red laced 3x to Mavic Open Pro rim, black. Vittoria Rubino, red/black.

Phil Wood high flange fixed/fixed, deep red laced 3x to Mavic Open Pro rim, black. Vittoria Rubino, red/black.

FSA Vigorelli Track crankset, 172.5mm. FSA chainring, 46 tooth, 1/8" inch pitch. FSA Platinum Pro Track ISIS compat bb.

Fizik Poggio saddle (not pictured). Thompson Elite seatpost.


46t chainring and 18t/15t on the rear hub.

The Spicer frame came originally from eBay. I bought it from a guy who had the frame made by Gene Spicer. The original owner raced the bike at Major Taylor Velodrome and came very clean and in great shape. The massive downtube is fun because it gives the bike a different front triangle - its stiff as anything, which is something people notice when taking it for a ride.

I ride this bike alot. On the track at Northbrook, on streets in Chicago and the burbs, really anyplace I'd take a bike. The frame is in fantastic shape and the fork cuts through the air.

The wheels have been a dream so far. The Phil hubs have been spinning smooth even after riding them in all kinds of weather. The cockpit evolves all the time depending on what kind of riding I'm doing: drops at the track, bullhorns or risers for the road, aerobars when training for a triathlon, etc. I use a couple of stems and flip them up/down depending on what kind of rise/drop I want. Note to anyone who is considering a SLR XP: the saddle is great, but get ready for a nice long adjustment period. I took the saddle off the rails to clean and grease the post. It took a good 10 days to readjust the saddle (fore/aft/nose up/down) to get it back to a good spot. The most common problem I had with this saddle is soreness in the nethers after about a dozen miles. When the saddle is properly adjusted I feel no pain and have done 30+ miles without issue.

I recently put a pair of Eggbeaters on the bike - I had only ridden with cages and straps before. Riding with clipless pedals makes a HUGE positive difference in riding. Stiff soled shoes, direct connection with the crankarms, no float, the experience is great. I would definately recommend trying out a clipless system if you have a slight inclination to do so.

This bike took me a few months to put together, I slowly gathered parts from eBay and (mostly) online sources.

The cockpit changes with my mood - lately I've been riding with riser bars and Oury grips for comfort's sake.

5/10/07 update: I've dropped from 49t to 48t and now to 46t. 46x18 gives me about 65 gear inches, perfect for the morning commute. Spin to win!

A year and a half after getting this bike I am still rolling on the same Vittoria Rubino tires. They take abuse very well, including a decent amount of skidding/skipping/general fixed gear vagabondery.

I sold my SLR XP asshatchet saddle and picked up a Fizik Poggio. The Poggio has padding and a more forgiving shape than the SLR XP. My behind is much happier and riding in general is nicer.

Next upgrade: seatpost mounted pannier rack and a set of panniers. Commuting without a bag on my back will be exquisite.

8/3/07 update: The Poggio is working out great. I commute about half the time currently with a seatpost rack and panniers which is quite nice. The rack I'm using requires four 2" long screws to be mounted, making it a pain in the ass to put on and take off. If I had to do it over again I would get a quick release seatpost rack so I didn't have to spend so much time messing around with bolts. Otherwise it has been great, I am using a pair of old Cannondale panniers with lots of life left in them

6/27/08 update: The bike is running in 99% the same configuration as the last photo. The only changes have been a new brake lever and cable housing. The bike gets 50+ miles a week of commuting duty and is a blast to ride. Its been an awesome two years of riding. I put it away in the winter and switch out to a MTB single speed for the snow, but when the roads aren't icy the Spicer is working. Still running the same Rubino tires as when I first bought it... best rubber ever.

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Chain tension

is perfect!


i am new to velo but to see this bike is great eugene and i are old friends and i new him when he first got started hello to all from evansville


very nice color scheme. chicago would be crazy to ride. nice man.


hello :)
I also have an ebay spicer from a racer. lol

your bike is very awesome!


I bought an Raleigh Grand Prix from a friend that had 3 year old Vitorria Zaffiro's on it. They were still in immaculate shape. I think that's the way I'm gonna go when it's time to swap the rubbers on my Flite.

Cheers to Chicago from Chicago!

shits wicked sick yo

shits wicked sick yo

Thanks bro

Thanks bro

Milwaukee / Bar Exam / Etc.

Hey Greg! Just moved up to Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, and I'm thinking I need to represent velospace - let me know when you get some small shirts in. Hope studying is going well. The trails up here are amazing - should you be in Milwaukee, let us know! Take care.


Always good to see another one of Gene's frames out there.
He is awesome, he made my frame to a geometry I had given him & tailored it to my measurements. How is the Deda Pista stem? Ever experience any collisoin between the bars & Down tube on sharp turns / stands?

I don't have that bar/stem

I don't have that bar/stem combo any longer - but there was definitely downtube overlap with the bars when I had them up and running. The risers have stayed on the bike since I first threw them on.

well written "notes" section

well written "notes" section

Thanks! Its a simple way

Thanks! Its a simple way for me to keep track of what I have done / plan to do with the bike.


Nice lookin' Zugster (representing the Bay Area!) Thanks for creating Velospace; It's by far the best community to share track bike images!

The Zugster bag is with me

The Zugster bag is with me every day. It hasn't missed a ride since I got it. Its a lot dirtier now than in that photo.

Nice bike

I'm just a girl on the street..

And nice shots.


wow that downtube is fatty


Awesome Bike! How do you like the FSA Vigorelli cranks.
I'm getting them soon.

The FSA Vigorelli track

The FSA Vigorelli track cranks are awesome. They haven't given me any trouble at all. I've dropped from a 49t chainring down to a 46t and thats about it.

The bottom bracket can be a pain in the ass after a few days of rain, but thats what I get for using a track BB on the street. I'd suggest not using the BB I have if you are going to be riding on the street. It takes about 30 minutes to remove the cranks, remove the BB, clean the threads, re-grease everything, and put it all back together.


thanks man

What a drop! My back just

What a drop! My back just hurts just from looking ... ;)

Ha! Yeah, the bike has gone

Ha! Yeah, the bike has gone through many changes. When I took that photo it was in mockup phase. The riser setup has been going strong for about 6 months now, selling my drop bars as we speak!

cool bike and all...

but why is that river day glo green like that? that's fucked up looking.

St. Patrick's Day

If I'm ot mistaken they dye the river green on St Patrick's Day.

Yup, here in Chicago we dye

Yup, here in Chicago we dye the river green on St. Patty's day. It was a wild ride downtown with all the drunken Irish folks, but made for some awesome photos

Kool new multi-random pics

Kool new multi-random pics on the home page.

Glad you enjoy them! I

Glad you enjoy them! I figure its better to have random pics instead of a Featured Bike - I don't have enough time to rotate the bikes fast enough to make it worth while

You may be a jerk...

... but you have a cool bike. Kidding! Going to the velo was rad Greg, we should do it again. Thanks for dragging my awkward ass along with you, I had a ball.

velosoon... veloNOW

velosoon... veloNOW


Hey Greg, It's Allison...the coolest Allison that you know who is married to a guy named Jason. How come I haven't seen you at my pool sporting a sweet banana hammock with Jason?! Anyway, thanks for the advice on our bikes - we are really excited to finally be a part of the club. By the way, your site is incredible. The four of us should go for a ride sometime! Our bikes can be friends and play together : )

hahaha awesome. I've been

hahaha awesome. I've been meaning to stop by and show off my swimsuit this summer - things have been crazygonuts. Get your bikes on here! Alia and I love to ride, we can fly up and down the LFP in a group of 4

Representing VeloSpace

I received my tshirt in the mail today. I will represent VeloSpace proudly. Thanks again, friend.

A shirt.

Dammit. I want a shirt!

Send me an email and I'll

Send me an email and I'll see what I can do: [email protected]

Very Nice!

That bike looks great. The matching of all the colors looks like it was bought complete. How does that fork do on the track? I was wanting to put an areo fork on my bike, but thought that the rake my throw the handleing off.

Gary Haack

Not bad at all - I haven't

Not bad at all - I haven't noticed any twichiness. The only thing about the fork that gives me pause is that its a carbon fiber fork. If I notice any cracks/creaks its going out the window!

carbon is exciting

I'm not into modern machines much, but I worked in the fishing tackle industry quite a few years, and I do a lot of fly fishing with carbon rods. I've seen some interestingly spectacular failures in carbon, even the very top quality stuff. And, even more exciting, you don't necessarily get any warning noises !!! Live dangerously, live carbon fibre !!! Aluminium: the stuff ages variably, when fatigue sets in, it also can go without warning. Independant of use, you've also got a ageing factor with aluminium: I won't touch the stuff if it's more than 25 years old. Long live top quality steel.

Luckily bike forks and

Luckily bike forks and fishing rods have a few differences: one is attached to a bike and isn't bent all sorts of directions with a 15lb fish attached to it, the other is


I'd tend to agree with you on that except that most carbon failures, and a specialist will confirm this, are nor fatigue induced, but consecutive to knocks and shocks: it takes only a little bang, sometimes unoticed, to cause a major failure, unpredictable, sometime further down the road. Having said that, any material can fail. It's just that I wouldn't myself trust a carbon fibre fork. A front end failure leaves you not a chance.


Speaking of carbon, I'd like to have my cranks fail too. How do you like the vigorelli? I'd like to get one but it's sorta hard to justify the 0+ price tag while in college. Any problems yet?

Not at all. The Vigorelli's

Not at all. The Vigorelli's have been great all around

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