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Rossin Winter/Rain Street Bike

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Alloy Nitto 110mm, Nitto 125s 38cm

Original Fork, Suntour Superbe headset

Chronos to Deep V Elite Tubular

Chronos to Deep V Elite Tubular

Suntour Superbe 170mm

Campagnolo Record, Brooks Swift (temporary)

Suntour Sprint, HKK Vertex

Tomity cog, 48x16

Bright obnoxious winter commuter for my long commute on the rainy days! Its a fun bike I don't mind abusing, built on the cheap from random stuff I had as the Stan Miles is out of commission due to a run in with an automobile.

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well dats a ballers rain

well dats a ballers rain bike.....!

well dats a ballers rain

well dats a ballers rain bike.....!

pedal clips

suntour cranks rock! what are those toe straps?!!

I love those hubs.

I love those hubs.

board bros

hey board buddy.. i'll see you back on sff. =) |


Front brake

I see you added a front brake after that run in with an automobile...

i put a brake on for several

i put a brake on for several reasons. first yea... the accident. my knee is still not 100%, and i wanted an "oh shit" lever. I'm also gearing heavier than before, and I am still runing tubulars because I prefer how they ride and dont mind the extra hassle of gluing. my commuter is longer than it used to be, and I am still going to be riding down one of the busiest streets of san francisco when its pouring rain this winter. brakes just seemed like the way to go, and i got this frame so cheap i didnt feel very guilty drilling out the fork.

Winter commute

Here in Boston we get these big-ass snow flakes during winter months. (Talking about winter commute) he-he-he up to bottom bracket!

Front brake

Actually, in wet weather I find it safer to skid rather than use your front brake, especially going down a steep hill

... I also learned it the hard way

What I learned the hard way

What I learned the hard way is that skidding in the rain doesn't stop the bike.

i love riding in the rain,

i love riding in the rain, skidding is a lot of fun. the main reason behind the brake is my knee was hurt in the accident and i dont want to resist crank rotation more than necessary.

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