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Atala Campagnolo Track Bike

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Atala Campagnolo Track Frame

Nitto Jaguar, Changing the bars to any italian one.


Campagnolo Record High Flange Hubs w/ Perfect Chrome Nuts Laced on Tublar Mavics

Campagnolo Record High Flange Hubs w/ Perfect Chrome Nuts Laced on Tublar Mavics

Campagnolo 165 Strada, Campagnolo track BB w/Campagnolo bolts

Rolls San Marco with Campagnolo seat post.

Campy pedels cost to much, 5D Silver izumi


This Atala track bike is from 1975. She is all chrome

The story behind her is short. I found someone selling something that they had no idea about...In this case it was my dream bike. Ive searched up and down the internet waiting and waiting for the right bike. So as i was leaving work one night i was like eh ill check one more time in thing you know i see a post that says " Atala Track bike " I was like what the hell i was on here like 10seconds ago! I clicked on the link and saw the bad quality photos. You wouldnt beleive what i was an Atala track bike alright, only thing was it had the most hidious HUGEST ugly wack crazy beach cruiser handle bars, motorcycle style, with a couch for a seat. But i was only interested in the frame anyway. So i call this guy at like 11pm at night for directions, Because we all know how crazy craigslist get...i guess i was one of the wackos, cuz i drove an hour to sleep in a Dennys in a city i knew nothing about. When the sun came out i littery drove to the drive way of where we were supose meet. I finally got a hold of him in the morning and he told me that he had at least 100 phone calls, thats when he decided to turn his phone off. hahahaah sux for you guys!!!, anyway he rolls this beast out of the garage...then i take it for a ride with the hugest smile on my face because some other craigslist guy walks around the corner as i wave and smile at him like a kid. he knew what i was riding, but also knew i knew what i was riding. BAM, gave that guy !!!!!!who the day before had put it in the dumpster!!!! but desided to put in on craigslist for kicks. Ok now i knew the bike was mine...i checked out the specs after my quick ride, with the other guy who wanted it so bad to, standing over my shoulder...i like like OMG!! you got to be kiding right?!?! it had Campagnolo 165 Strada, Campagnolo track BB w/Campagnolo bolts, campy record hubs, campy headset!!!! Then i looked over at the other guy and he was like "hey man ill give you 0 cash right now!" i was like NOPPPPPE! later man.

Before i got the frame i had scored Campagnolo Record High Flange Hubs w/ Perfect Chrome Nuts Laced on Tublar Mavics,(there was no cash transation with the wheelset, i had simply traded an old fixed wheelset for them, he was fat and didnt want to detroy the beautiful campy wheelset, so we traded,another OMG! you gotta be kidding me!!!) that just melted with the frame...hope you guys love it has much as i do, lets keep the bikes chill and original people.....

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where is the bike?

every one is leaving comments about a bike in this picture. I have been looking at this photo for over an hour and I still can't see a bike. What kind of trick are you pulling here?

all my very best... and thanks

I'm sure they used to be there...

The software running the site is flaky (e.g., you and I can't upload an image file of the same name without the site getting confused). I've posted numerous pics only to have them disappear days and weeks later.

hey i got the Campagnolo 165

hey i got the Campagnolo 165 Strada cranks with the track frame i bought a copuple of days ago. im more of a sugino guy so u wanna fill me in on these cranks and how much they usually go for?

just found and atala

i found it in original form but with no head badge or the stickers you have
are those the original stickers

If you're looking for Atala

If you're looking for Atala decals and a head badge, check eBay. Both are pretty easy to find.


Woo HOO kudos for you my friend!!!! NICE NICE NICE RIG!!!

Atala Seat Post

Sweet ride. I was able to get my hands on a Campy Atala seat post. It has "Atala" etched into the sides of it in a nice script font. What exactly is Campy Atala? Is it a specific campy group? Also, what is with the lack of clips on those pedals?

Campy didn't make a product

Campy didn't make a product line named Atala. Atala is the company that made the bike. They stamped their name into the seat post (pantographed it) to spruce up the look of the bike. It's a nice touch that's common to Italian racing bikes of the 1980's.


Great story and a great ride as well. Good find.

hey you want to go to vagas

and throw my dice for me?...lucky bastard.

Once in a life time find,

Once in a life time find, congrats! Ride the hell out of it


I was totally that guy that offered you 0! (Just kidding) Awesome find, keep up the good lurking!

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