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1982 Marinoni Special

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1982 Marinoni Special, Columbus Tubing (Mostly SL with an SP downtube)

Cinelli Bars, Hollands Stem (~100mm)

Marinoni Special, Campagnolo Super Record

In Progress (will match rear)

Campagnolo Record Hub, 15t Campagnolo Cog, Fiamme Speedy Tubular Rims

Campagnolo Record Pista with 49t Chainring - Campagnolo Record Bottom Bracket

Campagnolo Post with Selle San Marco Concor Saddle

Pedals in Progress


This Marinoni Special was made in 1982 (probably June or July), and was first sold in August of 1982. The bottom bracket shell is stamped "2349". I am still picking up more components to finish this build.

*NOTE: There is another image between the first and second, but for some reason velospace hates me and it never works, and in addition, the thumbnail for my last image is totally not even my bike. wht the crap velospace?


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JAH! Rastafari. Hailie Selassie. King of Kings, conquering lion of the tribe of judah.

you know you like that scheme baby! no weed for jazzy though. come down again real soon son, its going off down hur. yadadamean? fa sho. yadadamean.

ill trade you bikes now? you want a super super rare pista??


i hate this bike. you can have it.

i know

i know. i know. but it was 150 for the bike minus wheels and pedals. how could i resist. at least i have my own track bike now. i still want yours, so if you ever want to trade. HOLLA at me


dude... what?


that was my comment. i was at dereks house soing it, hence his name. DIG?

Fiamme Speedy 28 Hole Tubular Rims

I have a set of new old stock yellow you know how much they go for?


the rate on them varies depending on condition and who is buying them.

i have no need for 28h, or else i'd say to give me a price.


SON! you forgot to leave me your bike before you went to philly. ha. ill be up there one day and i expect a race. nice meeting you

You found me out! It is a

You found me out! It is a NJS Bianchi! Only one ever made. I know... supa fly.

No but really... *sob*

I can just lie to people in real life and say it was ridden by Mr. Beccia and they will believe me.

Can't wait until the Canadian-Italian meeting of ages!

update da pikterz.

update da pikterz.


waitinz fer new pedulz an stemz

Fixed Fight

Thanks for deciding to make your way down for the race. Looking forward to meeting you.


its gonna be so good. i havent been to forida since i was 3.


A few of us are offering up our homes. One guy lives in a converted warehouse in St. Pete that he says he'll let people crash at. I have a house about 20mins away from the race that will be open to out-of-towners. It's also right on the P-Trail, so plenty of riding the next days if people are still around. Don't worry about it, everyone will have a roof over their head after the race.


Thanks for being good about that. If you guys are ever coming to Philly for a race, which I recommend you do, we have your back too. I'm so psyched on this. Right now we have a car of three or four.

sweeeeeeeeeet deep v

sweeeeeeeeeet deep v broooooooo.


Larry gave me a temp wheen until he gets mine done.
I have to pick it up. Some old Campy jawn.

oh word? lets go ride.

oh word? lets go ride.

yeah freal

I forgot to get it from Shane while we were in DC, so Baldy is gonna bring it up with him next week.

wherez yer siq campy crank

wherez yer siq campy crank jawns? thems whaz ugli.


They are on the floor, duh. But seriously, lets go to Florida for that alleycat.



this marinoni is special

solid pista - well done

my daily is a marinoni special - suffice it to say it's not nearly as sweet as yours

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."
------Margaret Mead

dc love

here's a little dc/italian-track-bike love coming your way from capitol hill.


Love the old pista, my friend Shane has a similar one. Marinoni is Canadian, but he is Italian in heritage. Anyways, thanks.

I still think our bikes

I still think our bikes should make english/canadian track destroying children.

Holy mother mercy.

Dude... your bike. It is fucking outrageous! I can't believe how beautiful it is.

I don't agree with the fact that I exist in a reality that this bike is in. I'm just not worthy.



Thanks man, if you are ever in DC or Philly, get in touch and you can take it for a spin.

Did you ever get that board yet? I'm pretty sure he sent it out.


Awesome. I actually have a friend in Philly, so maybe :).

I didn't get the board yet, but i'm sure it will come soon. Thanks again! Can't wait.

So did you...

Get it?! Pictures...

Got it!

I got it, photos will be coming along, be patient. I have to pick up the from wheel still. Probably no updates until after Christmas though.

Yes! Can't wait! I'll be in

Yes! Can't wait!

I'll be in London for Christmas, so i'll have a great suprise when I get back. Fuck yes.


Thanks :). I had no idea this was your Marinoni either. A friend showed me it when I was in Ashland, and I freaked. Your bike, with a doubt, is one of the most beautiful bikes I have seen. Major class.

I'll ride the shit out of the board as well. You made my week :).


Thanks for the comments. When I move back to Philly, I'm gonna start going up to the track and learning how to ride a track. Or so I have been hoping.






thats funny, i was just commenting on your atala as you commented on the noni! love your bike too. i might be picking up a 60s atala road bike with chrome lugs for my girlfriend. those bikes are gorgeous.


are you going to post more photos as soon as you get it from


yeah, i got the bike from larry. he is currently tracking down some more things for me, i will probably bring it home before thanksgiving for some sexy photo shoots. this thing is dreamy. test riding it was so much fun.

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