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Affinity Cycles track frame matte black 60cm

SoMa "El Toro" steel pursuit bars, Profile Designs 60mm stem

Chris King headset, Affinity lugged steel straight fork

Red Velocity Deep V (NMSW) w/ Formula hub, Panaracer "T-Serv" tire

Red Velocity Deep V (NMSW) w/ fixed-fixed Formula hub, Continental Ultra Gatorskin tire, Surly 16t(silver)/Dura-Ace 14t(black)

Sugino Messenger 170mm cranks + 44t Messenger 130 BCD chainring, Sugino JIS 68x103mm bottom bracket

Selle San Marco "Ponza" seat, no-name seatpost

MKS Sylvan pedals, Soma "Oppy" 4-gate clips + SoMa leather double straps, MKS 1/8" chain

44x16 =72.5 gear/in (city), 44x14 =83 gear/in (race)

------->I love you baby ...

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How do you like those clips?

How do you like those clips? Trying to pick some up soon...


those bars look so serious

How tall are you? I was

How tall are you? I was thinking about getting one of these frames but I'm not sure if i should get the medium or large.. and i'm 6 feet.

Im 6'4" and I fit the Large

Im 6'4" and I fit the Large perfectly. I would go with a Medium size frame if youre 6 foot, but I like to ride it a bit tight for traffic.

i waNT one

is the tt angle pretty steep? the fork is for 700c right?

The fork is for 700c. The TT

The fork is for 700c. The TT angle isnt too steep, the back maybe seems raised a little bit, the headtube compensated quite a bit smaller to accept the angle. It's definitely aggressive if thats what you're into. I have 2cm risers on the headtube below the stem and the bars are still way down there. It's a pretty brutal geometry but very fast and responsive. Very well manufactured frame, too. I've got 170mm crankarms with a slight overstep, so i'd recommend 165s if youre gonna put a 700c on the front.

Seat Tube is 60cm, TT is 58.

Seat Tube is 60cm, TT is 58.


Rides like a 58, tho! I noticed the geometry isn't as aggressive as a true pursuit "funny bike", the top tube is angled because the whole rear is lifted, making the seat ride lower. Looks cool.

Well, from having a

Well, from having a pursuit/Time Trial bike fetish I've noticed that the angles varied depending on companies. Then again, I ahven't extensively researched this, just from eyeballing haha. Our bikes have 60cm ST 58.5/59cm or so TT, but with a 15cm headtube. That would normally be on a size 53/54cm bike. I'm 6'3 withl ongish legs and have about 6inches of seatpost showing.

When I got mine I was told it had track geometry. I haven't compared to another bike but looking at it it seems to. definitely have the higher BB and steeper ST/HT. Mine rides a bit twitchy/stiff. I love it though. Mine deserves nicer/lighter parts though. The frame itself is lighter than youd think but with the V and Arrospok its pushing 21lbs. Not fun.

how is your

how is your chainline? i was considering buying an RD but was concerned about the chainline. thanks.


Chainline's good. I didn't

Chainline's good. I didn't have to adjust spacing at all on this setup. Sugino RDs ride like a charm. Of course it will always vary slightly on different powertrains.
In my opinion the most important thing isn't the cranks (which are awesome!) but the bottom bracket length and where teeth sit on the rear cog. Some are outside, some are middle. If anything doesn't line up, just space them out accordingly. It's usually BB length that will affect your chainline.
The Surly cog/Formula fixed hub/Sugino RD is a fairly run-of-the-mill setup and I've no complaints so far from any of the components and would recommend the RDs.
Now the headset and stem shenanigans is another story... haha!

agree on the headset issue.. wow

to make the crown 26.4 takes some work, serious work.. split a couple crowns before I had it right.. anyway, frame is sick.

are you using 31.8 seatpost clamp?

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